Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday | Spring Cleaning

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Today we are talking about Spring Cleaning.
Honestly, the extent of my actual Spring cleaning is opening all the windows and letting the fresh air in! lol!
After being couped up all winter with the windows closed and the wood fireplace pumping,
our house needs to be aired out.
And now I am day dreaming of living somewhere where I could actually open up my windows like this!
Living in the woods you must have screens in your windows!!!
Speaking of screens, do you have them in your windows?
This is always a disagreement in our household.

However, I do purge our closets in the Spring!
I usually pick a day and go through all of the X's clothes, socks, underwear, shoes, etc.
I sort into piles - still fits, memorable, donate, or toss.
When I am done with his, I move onto mine and do the same thing.
Once I have everything bagged up to donate, I drop it off at the local Volunteers of America.
The reason I do this big purge in the Spring is because it is still fairly cool here in Ohio.
Meaning I can access what exactly X needs for the summer.
I actually do this again in the Fall so when everyone starts asking what X needs (his birthday and Christmas are only a few weeks a part) I know exactly what to tell them :)
During the Fall I also go through all of his toys and donate the ones he no longer plays with to Toy Time so they can get them ready for Christmas gifts :)

What type of Spring cleaning do you do?
I would love to hear your tips!

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