Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday Talk | A bunch of random

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Today's post is a bunch of randomness!

What are your typical holiday meals?
Say, Easter - Thanksgiving - Christmas
I know everyone is different, but I don't know how to breakaway from the traditional foods of those holidays.
So when I go places and they aren't serving a traditional meal it just drives me nuts!
So what do you eat/make?
I know some cultures are different, and that is totally fine with me.
But I am just curious.

Speaking of food, I mentioned this question on my Show & Tell Prom post and I figured I would ask again here.
Did you eat dinner at prom?
This is always a big discussion at our house because where Mic went to school he did not eat at prom.
They went out to dinner before and then went to the dance at some hall or outside location from the school.
Actually, most of the schools around here are that way.
My prom and most of the ones around my hometown were the exact opposite.
Prom was a big deal.
So you dressed up more than a homecoming dance.
You purchased tickets in advance.
It was open to juniors and seniors only, unless you were the date of one of those students.
Guys wore tuxes.
Some people rode in limos.
And you ate your dinner at prom!
It was a full evening of dinner and dancing.
So adult-like for high school.

What are your favorite no-show sock brands?
I am looking for ones that don't stretch out after just a couple of wears.
Not too bulky or thick.
And comfortable.
Over the years I have bought name brand socks and store brands and they are all over the place.
I used to buy all my sports socks from Old Navy years ago and they were the best!
They changed how they were made and I don't like them at all now :(

That is all for today folks!
Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday :)

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