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Show & Tell | Prom Night

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Oh Prom!
I remember when I was a little girl day dreaming about what I would wear to prom, who I would go with, etc.

Here's a few facts about the proms I attended:
~ I went with my high school boyfriend to both my junior and senior prom.
~ Both of those events were held on a Friday evening.
~ Both of those events were held on Memorial Day weekend.
~After prom was held at Swings-n-things (batting cages, race tracks, bummer cars, etc.)
~ Day 2 of after prom included cosmic bowling
~ Day 3 was reserved for Cedar Point

What does all that mean?
Basically, if you were a girl going to either of those proms you were able to leave early (like by 10am) from school to get to hair, nail. make up appointments.
It also meant you had an extremely long, but fun weekend!

My high school boyfriend and I rode to both proms with good friends of ours.
Limos weren't a big deal in the late 90's.
It was more about just getting there.
And when "there" was 30 or so minutes away, you weren't riding in a limo.

Both my junior and senior proms were held in Sandusky, Ohio on the Emerald Princess.
It was actually really cool!
We would board the boat, get your pictures taken, mingle a bit, and then as we sat for dinner the boat would depart and float along the Sandusky Bay.
It was a gorgeous view!
When dinner was done, a lot of us made our way to the top level of the boat for dancing.
Because it was open and the weather was gorgeous it was such a wonderful experience.
The music was pumped through the second level too, so you didn't have to go outside if you weren't feeling it.

So that is where the dreaminess of going to prom ends.
Yes, I had fun.
Yes, I loved the dresses I wore.
Yes, I danced the entire time.
And that is what I always want to remember.

Were there a few bad parts too?
Unfortunately, yes.
I remember standing on the top of the boat for the very last song of the night of my senior prom and my boyfriend was no where to be found :(
He wasn't a dancer, so he would go down and hang out with his guy friends while I danced on the top level.
But when those slow songs came on, the group of guys came back up top and danced with us.
Well, that last song of the night he was gone.
I stood there as my favorite song ever - Love of a lifetime by Firehouse played.
Stood there.
A guy from my class finally came up and asked me to dance since that wonderful boyfriend of mine never turned up.
I can't lie, at the time I was fighting back tears.

When the song ended we made our way down the levels of the boat to depart and there he was.
Just standing there like nothing was wrong.
He then informed me that he felt bad for someone who didn't have a date and decided to dance with her.
While some people may stop there and say, oh how sweet of him.
Let's just say it was all intentional.

Needless to say we didn't last long after that ;)

20 years later it is quite comical to think how upset I was that evening.
It was my senior prom, and I had looked forward to it my entire life!
So it didn't pan out like I had hoped.
No big deal now.
I just wish I could go back and tell myself that before I let it ruin my evening :(

I pulled this pic off of a friend's facebook page.
Man I look thrilled! lol!
No wonder we didn't last much longer.
I know I have our "official" prom picture from both years somewhere, but this one kind sums it up best. lol!

And just for fun, I decided to include a pic from my 8th grade Duke & Duchess dance.
Wow! Look at all that crazy early 90's fashion, hair, etc.! lol!

I can't wait to hear all about your prom stories!
Did you go with a boyfriend or group of friends?
What kind of dress did you wear?
And because my husband's school and mine differ drastically...was dinner served at prom or did you go out somewhere before the dance?

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