Wednesday, April 5, 2017


There are days that I can come up with a million ideas of what I want to say on this little space of the Internet, and other days I draw a complete blank :(

Thankfully, I get help with ideas on those kinds of days from other friendly bloggers :)
Jumping on the "Currently" train with Kayla and linking up with Anne & her guest host Jess today!

Finally sifting through all the old files and papers in our office and getting things ready for Shred It to get it out of here! 
Purging always feels so good!

Super duper excited!
We are less than 30 days away from experiencing Disney World for the very first time!
Our Magic Bands should be arriving any day now and I can't wait to see them in person.
This trip still doesn't feel real to me!
I think I need to order this shirt for our trip!

More hours in the day/days in the week!
This month is crazy busy in our business and home life right now.
Once we make it to tax day (which is April 18th this year) I am hoping things will ease up a bit on the work front :)

Trying to take each day as just one day.
Boy that is hard to do!
I workout out in the evening so I can try to burn off the stress of the day :)
Blogilates videos have become some of my favorite ways to relieve stress.

House things!
We are trying to plan the remodel of our home that should (fingers crossed) begin next Spring.
That means we are finalizing our layout, picking out materials, etc. right now.
My biggest concern is our kitchen!
I have been pinning images like this and this recently :)

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