Friday, April 14, 2017

It's A Good Friday

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X was talking about our weekend plans all week long!
The church that his preschool is in was hosting an Easter Egg Hunt and he was beyond excited to go!
He told me earlier in the week that he and his friends discussed going ;)

Of course his giant basket with all those eggs was his favorite part!
All those eggs were filled with chocolate candy - not his favorite.
But he had so much fun running around and gathering all those eggs that it didn't matter to him.
Afterwards, we treated him to his first Superman ice cream cone of the season :)
His and my favorite :)

Sunday was SO nice!
X and I spent most of the day outside by the creek - one of his favorite spots!

 On Monday, I kicked off the week with a book review.
Yes, you read that correctly.
I am typically not a book person, but I couldn't resist when offered the chance :)

Because of our mailbox situation I am still picking up mail every few days at the post office.
On Monday I was super excited to have this box waiting for me :)
Definitely my favorite piece of mail possibly ever!!!

I joined Andrea on Tuesday for Show & Tell - Prom!
Oh boy did this take me back!
20 years back! :/

I worked it with Shay & Erika on Wednesday and wrote about Spring Cleaning.
Definitely not my favorite thing to do, but so worth it when it is done!
Speaking spring cleaning, I did a huge photo dump from my phone onto my computer and it felt amazing to clear up so much space!

Local Ladies ~
Don't forget to check out my post from yesterday to enter to win tickets for The Met series - Eugene Onegin!

 X has been on Spring Break this week and unfortunately has been sick.
He was finally starting to act more like himself on Thursday morning before I dropped him off at my in-laws.
I had laid out two choices of what to wear -- he picked both! lol!
He came out of the room with both shirts and pants on!

That silly boy is always my favorite :)

Have you heard this song yet?
I have a feeling it will become one of my favorites pretty quickly!

And here are a few more favorites of mine - But these are definitely more in the #flashbackfriday category ;)

This weekend is SUPER busy!
A birthday party, duck race fundraiser up north, and then back to the field for Easter!
But I get to spend that crazy busy weekend with some of my favorite people so that always makes it better!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and Happy Easter!

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