Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites | X Edition

Hello and Happy Friday!
I couldn't be more excited about the weekend being here!
This was another super busy week at work and home -- end of the year kind of does that to you :/
It is what it is right?!

Linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika for Friday Favorites!

Since my little guy turned 5 on Monday my favorites are all about him today!
On Saturday we held not one, but two birthday parties!
I think these favors for X's friend party might be my favorite yet!
 The little boxes of Lego's for each kid were a huge hit!
I even had "girl" ones for the couple that were there :)
 We held his friend party at a local gym.
It was perfect!
Again, might be my favorite party to date!
 I had some light snacks, water and cupcakes for everyone, but the kids pretty much ran around for the full 90 minutes!
They loved it!

 X with some of his very favorite people!
I have a feeling this was his favorite birthday so far too! ;)
 We quickly sang "Happy Birthday" and then the kiddos enjoyed cupcakes before leaving.
It was great!
The only downside was that we didn't have enough time to open presents.
But I think the kids enjoyed getting to play for the full time they were there :)

We then headed back to our house for the family party!
We ate X's favorite - pizza, had more cupcakes and my favorite - Superman ice cream, and opened presents :)

It was truly a great day celebrating my little guy!
We were so appreciative of all of our friends and family for joining us :)

Sunday was a blur because we were SO EXHAUSTED!

But Monday morning was here before we knew it and it was time for work and school.
But not before taking a selfie with my favorite birthday boy!

 He picked his favorite - Cracker Barrel pancakes for his birthday dinner :)

After dinner he quickly answered my questions below...

And then on Wednesday, I volunteered in X's classroom!
I absolutely loved getting to see my favorite little guy and his classmates.
They had to color coffee filters like the planet Earth and then spray them with water to blend the colors.
It was kind of messy, but lots of fun :)
The only weird part for me was that all the kiddos called me Mrs. Roberts.
That was so strange to me! lol!
I am usually pretty simple and let kids and such call me V, Vanessa, or Miss Vanessa.

What do kids call you?

And that is it for this week!
I am looking forward to an adults only holiday dinner with friends tonight,
and then I am heading north tomorrow night for an early birthday dinner with my dad.
Then on Sunday I am praying I don't freeze my booty off (scratch that, my booty can fall off it is wants! lol!) at the Cleveland Browns game!

What are you up to this weekend?

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