Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Favorites | Food Edition

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Today I am keeping things short and sweet for two reasons....
1. It is already 2:30pm on Friday afternoon and I am finally writing this post
2. It is my birthday!!! :)

On Friday evening we enjoyed dinner with some of our favorite people at our favorite restaurant in town!
 I didn't take many pictures we were having a great time just being there with good friends.
We went back to one of the houses after dinner and had such a great time talking and hanging out that we lost track of time.
It was 1am by the time we all headed home!

On Saturday afternoon I headed north to have an early birthday dinner with my dad and step mom.
We picked a German restaurant that was so good!
I totally forgot to take a pic of my super yummy stuffed cabbage rolls, but remembered before it was too late when dessert arrived!
Creme brulee' is my favorite!
This was a chocolate version and it was so good!

On Sunday, my dad and I went to the Cleveland Browns in the freezing cold!
While the game wasn't terribly exciting, the Father-Daughter game tradition we have done for 30+ plus years is always a favorite of mine :)

This week has flown by!
X has his Christmas program at school on Wednesday and Thursday morning (since he goes 5 days a week he gets to sing twice0.
I am slightly biased, but in my opinion he was the best and my favorite performer :)

A friend of ours sent me this pic that day.
Mic is in the second row, the last one on the right.
While that was many years ago, that is the same stage that X performs on!

Day 2 and my kid still was super into it!
He is in the top row, center belting out the words :)

After wards, we enjoyed lunch with my mom, grandma, step dad, dad and step mom.
Wow! That is a lot to type! lol!
I loved matching my favorite little guy with our deer tops :)
Deer tops and decor are my favorite :)

And with that I am calling it a week!
Looking forward to a fairly low key weekend celebrating mine and my MIL's birthdays, as well as finishing up Christmas shopping!

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