Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Four Christmases 2016

Mic and I started off Friday morning with some Starbucks coffee and treats :)
But by the time we got to work I completely forgot I picked this guy up!
So enjoyed him as soon as we got back from work :)

We only worked a half day, so we made a beeline home to wrap presents before picking up X.
We enjoyed our Friday Night Pizza Night before heading out to check out Christmas Lights :)
I didn't take any pics, but our favorite was a house with a Santa Claus hologram in the upstairs window.
It was awesome!

Saturday morning we made a quick stop at X's doctor for a Rx refill before really starting our weekend of celebrations.
We watched the Cleveland Browns win their first game of the year (yes, you read that right),
had Christmas Eve dinner with my in-laws,
and then enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve candlelight service at church :)
This guy was even super brave and went up front during the children's portion of the service.
He then proceeded to raise his hand and answer a question about Christmas!
We were proud parents for sure!

He came back to our pew and it was time to light our candles for Silent Night :)

We then went back to my in-laws to open presents and have some dessert.

Before heading to bed, X sprinkled some special reindeer food in the driveway to help them find our house ;)

The next morning we woke up and raced downstairs to see that Santa had visited our house!
He was so excited!
(Don't mind the fact the top of my tree lights went out :( )

He was over the moon with the things Santa brought him.
And then he opened his big gift from Mic and I and am almost cried he was so excited!

We enjoyed some breakfast and played with X's new toys before cleaning up and heading north for Christmas #3 and #4.

I stole this pic from my SIL's facebook page.
This is my almost 6 month old niece Lily :)
So cute in her Christmas dress!

We had a yummy dinner at my dad's house when we arrived and then once again it was present time!

On Monday we woke up and headed over to my mom's house for our final Christmas celebration.
It was seriously like a professional brunch buffet!
You name it, we probably had it! lol!

My mom gifted me the cookbook I have been anxiously awaiting to get my hands on!
I can't wait to start menu planning!
We said our thank yous and goodbyes and headed back home.

After celebrating four Christmases we are completely exhausted, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)
Thank you to all of our family for once again spoiling and loving us so much!
We greatly appreciate it!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas as well!

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  1. I have been terrible about reading/commenting but I was glad to catch up with ya and see your fun Christmas pics! :) Looks like a really wonderful holiday, I love X's excitement coming to see what Santa brought! I got Shay's cookbook too and I can't wait to make lots of yumminess from it.