Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Favorites | It's Christmas Time!

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Friday evening I enjoyed some of my favorites at Outback for my birthday dinner with my boys :)
You must order the Key Lime Martini next time you are there! SO GOOD!

We came home and watched a little of the Pentatonix Christmas special and I was telling Mic how they are definitely one of my favorite groups right now.
He then left the room and came back with this...
Quite possibly my favorite CD right now!

Despite the horrible weather, we headed south to Columbus on Saturday.
Our first stop was one of our favorite places - The North Market!

We picked up a few treats while there...X's favorite was the Cinnamon Toast donut, while Mic and I enjoyed our favorite sweet waffles :)

Our next stop was Easton :)
Decorated Christmas trees are always a favorite of mine, so of course we had to take a pic in front of it!

We ended our evening with some more shopping, dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, and my favorite Starbucks latte for the ride back home :)

We woke up Sunday to our satellite and our Internet not working :(
So X and I made some sugar cookies!
The sprinkles were his favorite part.

Later that evening we had one more birthday celebration with cupcakes and X sang Happy Birthday to with me ;)

I have been looking for the OPI polish Shay posted a couple weeks and have not been able to find it anywhere :(
Well I think I found a couple that are pretty darn close.

In fact, these are my new favorite polishes!
I always love wearing red polish, and even better when it goes on smoothly and even!
These work really well for the super low price if you are looking for polish for the holidays.

My favorite goofy guy had his 5 year check up this week and did great!
He is growing like a WEED!
And I am super proud of him for enduring 3 shots and a finger prick for a lead test.

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this picture posted from Kirkland's.
Oh my goodness!
I want this whole room!
That tree is awesome!
And that sign in it is my favorite!
Actually, all of it is my favorite!!!!

Also while scrolling I saw some funny things....
Could you imagine?

And this one...#TRUTH

And how was I able to scroll with no Internet access you ask?
That post might just be my absolute favorite thing this week!

Happy Friday and Merry Christmas!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating with loved ones :)


  1. Oh Outback & Cheesecake Factory in the same week! Two of my faves if I'm going to be eating at a chain. I'm seriously cracking laughing out loud over the empty box in the fire. That is hilarious! And wouldn't you give anything to see a child's reaction. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I love some blooming onions. Admitting I cannot stop laughing over the empty boxes and fire idea...bahahahahhhaha. Merry Christmas!