Thursday, December 15, 2016

Birthday Stitch Fix

So I placed an order for a box from Stitch Fix at the beginning of December.
Since my birthday is coming up I thought it would be a great treat to have some fun new pieces to wear :)
So here is what I got...
Oh, and I totally cheated this time.
I pulled out my old iPhone and downloaded the app so I could take a peek at the items I would be receiving.

Where's the picture of me wearing this striped top you ask?
I probably took it off faster than I put it on!
The deep v in the back was really deep!
Totally not practical for me.

Honestly, I was super bummed out about this fix :(
I sent a pretty lengthy note describing pieces I would like to see --- fun tops mainly for holiday parties and birthday celebrations.
I guess I pictured something with a little sparkle.
I even mentioned in my note all the things I had recently pinned that were similar or exact items Stitch Fix had.
No such luck :(
I did mention I was looking for some leather like leggings and I did get something fairly close.

So in the end I kept those Liverpool skinny pants and sent the rest of it back :(
I would love to give Stitch Fix another try, but I am hoping they listen to me more next time.

Have you recently ordered from Stitch Fix?
Have you been satisfied with your stylist or boxes?


  1. OH man it's always such a bummer when you don't get exactly what you want, especially since you pinned stuff from this fix!

  2. I must just be so matter how much I tell many Pinterest boards I point to I just rarely end up liking more than one thing in my box

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