Friday, December 2, 2016

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It is has been a couple weeks since I checked in a Friday so I am backing up a bit :)
A couple weekends ago we had 0 plans!
That NEVER happens!
So we took advantage and just drove around town to a couple of shops looking for some more of our favorite ornaments.
We are slightly obsessed with them. lol!

Our first stop was at Possum Run Greenhouse.
They were just getting things out for Christmas.
No S'mores ornaments there :(

We did see some gorgeous Santa's though!
Santa's are my favorite!

Our next stop was the Blueberry Patch.
This shop has a little bit of everything, including a cafe.
We decided to sit down and have some lunch.

This latte was so good!
Definitely a favorite!

Later that evening we played X's favorite game while visiting some friends :)

It also got so cold that we had to make our first fire of the season.
Making fires is not my favorite, but that smell sure is!

Last week we headed north to celebrate Thanksgiving!
That turkey was so good!
Like fall off the bone delicious!

Watching these two play together that day was a favorite as well!
They were pretending to work at a doctor's office - she was taking calls from patients and he was writing notes about his appointments. lol!

I also rocked my newest Lularoe pieces that day.
This might be my new favorite outfit to wear while eating lots of food! lol!

Late Friday afternoon we headed to Amish County to Tis the Season to check out the ornaments.
Unfortunately, they didn't have any S'mores ornaments either :(

But X did get to visit with the Big Guy!
That was my favorite moment of the day watching him interact with Santa :)

The rest of the weekend we spent decorating the house.

I just realized while looking at the above picture that we never put the rest of the ornaments on the tree!
It is missing the red ball ornaments!
Add that to my long to-do list tonight!

I finished the weekend by watching two of my favorites - Gilmore Girls and Sunday Night Football :)
Ah, the life of a tomboy and boy mom!

And now I have to ask?
Have you watched Gilmore Girls - A year in the life yet?
What are your thoughts?
Love it? Hate it? Mixed feelings?

I finally figured out how to convert the photos from my camera so I could view them on my computer.
Does anyone else have the problem where they are NEF files and you have to convert?
How do you fix that?
Or what program do you use to convert?
Anyways, now that I can see them..Eek!
I can't wait to take more pictures!
These are from my first try at taking our family photos on our property.
My new favorites for sure :)

And that is it for this edition of Friday Favorites!
Looking forward to celebrating my little guy's 5th birthday this weekend with friends and family!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Your property is sooooo perfect for pictures! Loving all the colors.

  2. I have mixed feelings about GG. I'm happy with the Lorelei story line and not loving Rory. I love s'mores ornaments too! Jess at Just Jess

  3. Looks like fun times! The pictures of you and your son are priceless.

  4. Your family photos turned out great. I've actually never watched Gilmore Girls. Love the S'mores ornaments!