Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's Up Wednesday | June

Linking up with Mel, Shay & Sheaffer for another round of

June Edition

What we"re eating this week
Lots of watermelon and salads!
I forgot to take a picture, but I made a tortellini and broccoli salad that looks like this one.
Seriously super simple!
I will post it tomorrow :)

What I'm reminiscing about
Our first vacation (part 1 & 2) with friends 2 years ago.

All the photos keep popping up on Facebook from the On this day app!
I am now on a mission to plan another friend vacation soon!

What I'm loving
This is probably horrible to say, but having a nanny at home with X.
Not because he gets to be at home during the summer.
Not because he is getting some one-on-time with someone.
It is honestly because it forces me to keep the house picked up! lol!
See, I told you is sounds horrible!
During the school year dishes might pile up, or laundry might sit folded (sometimes not) on the couch waiting to be put away, toys are scattered throughout the house, etc.
With Alex there all day with X, I feel I have to keep things picked up.
I hope this feeling continues when school starts back up at the end of August!

What we've been up to
T-ball is officially over :( and :) 
We are celebrating with a little pizza party tonight (Tuesday night).
We have also been impatiently waiting for my niece to arrive!
She was due on the 22nd and still isn't here.
At the time of writing this 3:38pm on the 28th, my SIL as been in the hospital since yesterday morning.
They stated they were inducing her, but still no baby.
Strange if you ask me.

What I'm dreading
Our office getting audited :(
Every three years we have to go through one, and I literally panic the entire time until it is over.
I have always had jobs where things are picked over with a fine tooth comb.
While, knock on wood, things always seem to go well, I get freaked out until it is over.
Wish me luck! It can be anytime now :(

What I'm working on
Finalizing our vacation!
I know I have been talking about this forever, but it is so hard to nail down dates and where!
I believe we have narrowed it down to Destin, Florida and the dates :)
Now we just need to find the place we are staying and get it booked!
I mean, look at the color of that water!

What I'm excited about
Renovation ideas for our house.
August 1st will be one year since we kind of moved in --- full move in wasn't until November.
I am trying to envision where to move stuff, paint colors, etc.
The possibilities are endless at this point!

What I'm watching/reading 
You mean besides watching my Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Championship? ;)
Sorry Mel!
Most shows are on a summer hiatus thankfully, but Pretty Little Liars just began its final season last week.
Have any of you watched it?
Holy moly it creeped me out!

What I'm listening to
Lots Carrie Underwood or whatever is on 90's on 9 :)

What I'm wearing
When I am not at work I rocking shorts and tees. It has been in the 90's and super humid here.
But I am looking forward to receiving my first box from Trendsend at Evereve, and another box from Stitch Fix!
Expect reviews and such soon!

What I'm doing this weekend
It's a 3 day weekend!
We are planning on lots of cookouts, some swimming, and hopefully just relaxing.

What I'm looking forward to next month
Mic's 20th High School reunion.
How is he that old? lol!

What else is new

Bonus Question: What is your favorite July 4th tradition and/or recipe?
Just cooking out with friends and family during the day, and then going to see fireworks at night :)


  1. I'm a season behind on PLL and saw that the last one just started....looks like I found my summer binge watch

  2. Did you notice the girl on the left in the PLL promo shot is missing a leg!? It was a huge photoshop screw up that I saw online recently, cracked me up!

  3. I can totally relate on the nanny thing....I had someone keep Carly after school this year and I may have missed making my bed once! Check out Waterscape condos..we loved! They are across the bridge from Destin but we thought it was perfect.

  4. Yes to the nanny thing, I do the same thing, hehe :)