Friday, June 24, 2016

Curse Reversed + Giveaway

Joining Andrea, Narci & Erika today :)

Let's get right to it!
This week has been a whirlwind of happiness!
Well, it actually started off crazy...
Yes, that is a giant frog in our pool!
Mic had thrown him over the cliff the day before and he made his way back to our pool!
And yes, I believe we still have a snake in our house.
Sounds like they can live for a couple months or so without food or water.
Looks like we won't be going down in the basement until the Fall.

Moving on to happier times :)
X and I headed north on Sunday to visit with my dad for Father's Day.
Mic asked for a day to himself, so that is exactly what he got!
It was a beautiful day! Hot, but beautiful.
We enjoyed lunch together, a few games of corn hole, and we even played catch :)
My dad and I topped it off with a quick ride on the motorcycle while X took his nap.
It was a really nice day.

And then it got even better!

I mean...

Honestly, I still can't believe it!
It has been 52 years since a Cleveland team has won a championship!
What makes that worse is our teams have been thisclose before, but unfortunately can't win it all :(
I have been suffering through this curse for my entire life.
Hence why I just can't seem to grasp that this is real.
I agree with feels like I am going to wake up and it will be game 4.
I am beyond proud to have grown up in the Cleveland area and for rooting for my Cleveland teams all these years.
This is truly bittersweet.

On Wednesday morning I hopped in my car and headed north to go to the parade with my dad and brother.

We walked around a little bit when we got there, but it was just insane!
I have never seen that many people in one place in my entire life!
They estimated over 1.3 million!!!!
That is nuts!

Look at that!
And this was just the area where the parade ended and the rally was being held!

While we weren't up close and personal with the team like I would have loved to be, it was a memorable day with my dad and brother :)
Let's just hope its not the only championship parade we get to attend in our lives!

Despite being burnt and tired, I headed home as quickly as I could because I had a t-ball game to coach!
It was our last game of the season and I did not want to miss it!
I tried to take a couple pictures as my favorite player was heading towards 3rd base.
Being a coach means no time for cell phone photos :(
But I loved getting to share this season with X!

We then did what every 4 year old looks forward to more than the game...we headed over to the playground :)

It has been an exhausting, but truly amazing week!

And just because we are talking sports and such...
The Cleveland Indians just closed out their June schedule at home with 11 straight wins!
Way to go Tribe!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
I am looking forward to a fun evening out with friends tonight :)

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  1. Congrats to the Cavaliers! I still remember all the celebrating when the Rockets won in the 90s! We get SO many frogs in our pool because our yard backs up to a wetland area. It's kind of gross, but my son loves to catch them! Have a great weekend! Tanya @ The Other Side of the Road

  2. The picture of you with your dad and brother is too stinkin' cute! What a fun celebration! Happy Friday V!

  3. I totally thought of you while watching the last couple games of the very exciting!!!!