Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Favorites | Let's Celebrate

Happy Friday!
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Last Friday night I went to see one of my favorite country bands with my friend Kasey :)
We enjoyed a few adult beverages and some seriously yummy wood fired pizza while waiting for the Dixie Chicks to begin.
I am not a huge beer drinker, but they did have one of my favorites available :)
We had never heard of the openers before, but we were having a good time regardless.
The 70+ year old women that is behind Kasey on the right was sitting right next to her.
Apparently, Kasey was dancing a bit too much for her taste so she moved seats!
Not gonna lie, the show was just so-so for us.
They played for about 2 hours (I believe) and only did 7 songs that were hits.
There were so many songs we had never heard before.
It was a really strange show.
Definitely not my favorite concert, but I had fun with my friend so that is what matters most :)
The parking lot at the venue was not good, so by the time we got out of there, grabbed some more grub from Taco Bell, I didn't arrive at home until 2am!
I am too old for 2am! lol!

Saturday afternoon we went to a birthday party for the daughter of our good friends.
She was turning 1 :)
It was a boho theme, so she had a naked cake.
It was delicious!!!!
That butter cream layer was my favorite part ;)
We didn't get home from the party until 5:30 or so, and all three of us crashed hard!
We napped until 9pm!

Sunday was X's 1/2 birthday (4 1/2)!
Mic had some work to do during the day, so X and I ventured out to run errands.
We stopped by the bakery at Kroger for a cookie, and then checked out the lobsters before doing our shopping.

Since I was too busy all weekend to truly plan anything for his half birthday celebration,
X and I headed to Target to pick out a new box of Lego's - HIS FAVORITE!
I have been told all week long how it is truly is his favorite Lego set he has :)
I am sure that will change by next week! lol!

We grabbed some cupcakes (mommy & X's favorite) while we were at Kroger to have for dessert after X's pick pizza (his favorite) for dinner :)

On Monday I started my 10 Day Cleanse.
After all that pizza, cupcakes, cake, alcohol, etc. it feels good to get back on track with healthy eating.
My favorite thing this week has to be the meal replacement bars & shakes.
So good!

My least favorite thing this week by far is the snake in our house!
This is about the only image of a snake that I can look at without my skin crawling!

Yes, you read that correctly.
It is no secret that I live in the country, or that I am not a country girl (I like the music, that is all).
Well on Tuesday morning as I was leaving for work I discovered the scariest thing in my entire my house!
Honestly, had I not come back in the house for something I would have never known it was in there!
My super brave babysitter/nanny tried scooping it up, but it slithered and hopped down the basement stairs.
She tried to look for it, but couldn't find it.
So I did want any sane, totally chill person would do....
I duct taped garbage bags to the door and the floor so nothing could get out of the basement.
And I put two cases of pop in front of the door for extra protection.
FYI: It is just a storage basement so no true need to go down there anytime soon.

Friends of ours came over Tuesday night to see if they could help Mic out in finding the snake,
because there was zero chance I was going near it.
After about an hour of looking and moving things around they couldn't find anything.
So, I had Mic seal the door back up until the pest control people came the next day.
Unfortunately, they didn't find anything either.
So again, the door is sealed back up.
In my world, that door can now stay sealed for eternity.

I did call a local nature center to get some advice about what to do, can it hurt us or our cat, etc.
While they believe it was a milk snake, isn't harmful to any of us, and has probably found its way out of the house...I am still on edge.

Moving on to less creepy things....

We received pictures of our favorite t-ball player this week!

 Don't mind my awkward pose and hat position.
The photographer kept telling me I had to raise my hat because he couldn't see my face :(

And my final favorite of the week is that the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from being down 2 games to win game 3 by 30 points against the Warriors!

Fingers crossed and prayers being said that they can continue to win out the series!
#AllIn216 #defendtheland
If you need me tonight, you can find me with one eye glued to the TV and the other eye watching for snakes!

That's all folks!
Hope you have had a great weekend and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Those baseball card pictures are way too cute. Also- just bought tickets to Dixie Chicks in the fall- I guess I better start listening to the newer stuff?

  2. That naked cake looks SO yum! Never heard of it. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your friend. I would SO freak out with a snake

  3. Baseball pictures are my favorite. And snake, I told Mr. and he was like, nope we would have packed up the house and moved, LOL. Brave girl and totally reasonable to never go into the basement again and keep those soda bottles in front!