Thursday, June 16, 2016

5 Things I Have Learned This Week

Another edition of Random 5 coming at ya today!
Enjoy! :)

Things I have learned this week

1. Snakes suck!
The snake that made its way into our house early last week, made another appearance on Monday!
We have now have had two different pest control places out to our house, as well as friends over to look for the snake.
Unfortunately, none of them can find the snake!
On Monday, our nanny saw our cat pawing at something near the basement door and confirmed that the snake is indeed still there :(
What did I learn from all this?
A couple things really...
1. When barricading the door, don't leave it up to someone else. Hence, why the snake was able to make a 2nd appearance.
Don't mind my lovely pink tile or carpet...
This is how I get it done! lol!
Yes, straight up hillbilly. But it is keeping the snake in the basement as far as I can tell.
2. Jake the Snake Roberts needs to find a new home!

2. The coach's kid (at least in my world) doesn't listen very well.
Being a kid of coach, I know I listened.
Heck, I was told early on that I set the example for the others.
So I obeyed. I listened. I actually had to run a few laps here and there even when others didn't listen.
Unfortunately, I am learning that that isn't the case with 4 year olds.
It isn't just my kid either.
Every team we play the coach's kid is always the one being goofy, not listening, etc.
Hopefully it is just this age and they will grow out of it.

3. X is obsessed with watching movies.

Every.Single.Day he is pumped about watching a movie with his nanny Alex!
We definitely have our share of Disney Pixar movies, but he is even more excited about what movies she brings with her.
He even gave up playing with cars and Lego's to watch movies!
Who is this kid?

4. Putting on sunless tanner with a mitt is amazing!
I didn't know what I was missing until this week!
I picked up a super cheap mitt at Walmart the other day and applied my sunless tanner with it.
What a difference!

5.No team has come back from being down 3-1 in the NBA Finals -- oh,wait they have!
The Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off this historic move on Monday night!
They also made history with two players scoring 40+ points that night!
This Cleveland area girl is pumped for the game tonight!
GO CAVS!!!!! #AllIn216 #defendtheLAND

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Happy Thursday!


  1. Girl!! I would die...snakes scare the crapola out of me!! Hope you find it soon!

  2. No offense but I hope the Cavs lose tonight! ;) I also hope that yucky snake stays away!!

  3. I was really hoping that you would have caught that snake by now...maybe feed it something and then it will be so full and tired it will just stay where it is...ewww, just typing that out gives me the creeps!

  4. Ugh! I would seriously have to move out till the snake was found! Bless your heart!