Friday, June 17, 2016

Buds & Tomboy Life

Hello Friends and Happy Friday!
I am looking forward to celebrating the great dads in my life this weekend :)
But before we do that, let's recap this past week.

I saw this on instagram over the weekend and I immediately saved it to my phone!

These three are my favorites :)
I see many sporting events, vacations, etc. spent together in their future.

These boys are currently 4 1/2, so one minute they are the best of friends and the next they upset with each other over who gets to play with a specific toy.

Most the time they are pretty great together :)
My favorite t-ball players :)

While I was watching my favorite NBA team make history,
my favorite guys were next to me sleeping :(

Text pictures from our nanny are my new favorite too!
How cute is this guy and his dinosaur?

Feel free to check out the 5 Things I learned this week while your here :)

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