Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Show & Tell | What's In My Bag

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I can't believe I am about to admit this, but I am going to...I carry the same bag every.single.day.
I used to change my purse every day based on what I was wearing!
These days I realize it is a lot of work to do that, so I only change things up for a night out.
So here is the purse I carry every day.
 I love it!
I have had this Harvey's seatbelt bag for almost 10 years!
It holds its shape really well!
I think I might finally get another one this year :)
It has truly become my signature piece.

So now that you have seen the bag, let's see what is in it.

When X and I were at Target over the weekend we picked up a few Father's Day cards.
I never seem to have a good place to put them before the actual day, so I tend to keep these or any holiday cards (other than Christmas) in my purse.

I carry my matching mini seatbelt wallet (similar), checkbook (even though I rarely use it), and some random gift cards just in case I get a moment to swing through the stores or shop online.

Things are pretty simple in my purse during the work week.
Car/house/office keys, chapsticks, lip gloss, eye drops, hand lotion, comb, band aids, pen, and my phone charger.
Anyone else feel like they have a cell phone that is really a land line?
I also have a random sucker in there that the car wash attendant gave me the other day.

Moving on to my computer bag.
Mic got me this Vera Bradley bag a good 5 years ago and it was the perfect size for my laptop.
Thus it became my work bag :)

Inside it holds my computer and mouse (I'm old school remember), a scarf for just in case, some extra blank note cards, random nail polish, my Erin Condren pens, and a box of SPARK.
Can't get through the day with my SPARK!

 Going along with those pens is my handy dandy planner.
This and my cell phone contain my life for the most part.
Every appointment, meal, party, blog post, etc. gets written down in this guy!

I have noticed a trend...I am not good with change seeing as though I have easily used that VB bag every day for the last 5 years and my purse for 10 years.
Do you change your bags often?
Do you carry multiple bags?

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  1. I am the same way! I have been carrying a black, leather Sac purse for 7 years. I recently bought a Fossil crossbody, but the Sac one is hanging on the door handle of my closet just in case. No reason to change something that works. :)

  2. That is one giant bag!!! Missed your bloggingness.

  3. That is impressive that you never change bags. I usually change mine around once a week, unless it completely clashes with what I'm wearing :)