Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Favorites | Summer Time

Hello party people and Happy Friday!
I absolutely love short work weeks!
Especially ones that lead into amazing weekend plans :)
Tonight I get to see one of my all time favorite bands in concert with my friend Kasey -- Dixie Chicks!!!
I can't wait!!!

But before I go there, let's back up and chat about some of our favorites from the past week.

In case you missed my late photo add last week, this cutie pootie finished up his first year of preschool on Friday.
I just love hearing his favorites right now and how they changed from the beginning of the school year :)

X had one of the most amazing teachers this year!
She was definitely our favorite :)

Friday evening kicked off the Final Friday concerts downtown and it was a perfect evening for it!
Good music, good food & drinks, and good friends = some of our favorite times!

Saturday afternoon we worked out in the yard, and my favorite little helper "mowed" right along with me :)
Apparently we are done with normal smiles these days :/

The rest of Saturday and Sunday were filled with a graduation party, cookouts, rain storms, and cleaning.

Monday was such a nice day for Memorial Day!
We opened up the pool and hopped in for our first swim of the season :)
X's new favorite pool toy is that tire float I picked up at the dollar store.
Note to self: The dollar store floats are pure junk, but X loves them!

I had picked up some fresh blueberry pie from the bakery at Kroger and it did not disappoint!
All things blueberry are my favorite right now :)

Tuesday was X's first day with his summer nanny, and from what she says he did great!
Fingers crossed and lots of prayers being said that the rest of the summer is just as wonderful :)

Wednesday evening we had a t-ball game, but only 3 kiddos showed up :(
X loves to run, so we always let them warm up running to the tree and back.
Definitely one of his favorite things to do at the games! lol!
Being "the winner" is a favorite thing of his too :/

I snapped a rare moment with my little guy Thursday morning before I left for work.
He is just so happy getting to stay home for the summer!
And he already loves his nanny!
My favorite thing in the world is to see him happy :)

And that has been our week!
Fingers crossed I can concentrate on getting some work done before I leave for the concert!
Picture me singing along with Wide Open Spaces and so many more songs like I am a member of the group ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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