Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Style Me Pretty

I know I promised you I would do better at taking pictures of what I wore...I lied.

So instead of photos of what I wore, here are photos of similar items :)
Kind of the same idea right?
Just go with it will ya!

This past weekend was gorgeous and in the 80's!
That means shorts and flip flops for this girl!

While running errands on Saturday I wore a gray tee, black shorts, my AC/DC baseball hat, and my handy dandy black flip flops.
shorts/similar hat
similar tee/flip flops

On Sunday I wore a super simple black tee, my neon orange J.Crew Factory shorts, and some black sandals.
Photo from last summer
similar tee
similar shorts/similar sandals

Then it was time to head back to work for the week.
It was still beautiful outside, but chilly in an air conditioned office.
I wore my black maxi dress, must have denim jacket, silver necklace, and my leopard flats.

similar flats

I couldn't find a similar necklace to mine :(
It is just silver with with round plates.

My Tuesday outfit was pretty plain, but I liked it that way :)
I wore beige dress pants and dressier sandals to work, but I changed into my favorite shorts & sandals afterwards.
My shirt is actually orange (no image on ON anymore) and that is the my exact necklace, but mine is just plain gold.
similar shirt/similar starfish necklace
shorts/similar sandals

That is all I have for today!
Sorry again about no photos...I promise to try harder for next week.
And Hey! At least you got a clothing post today :) lol!

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Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. hahaha you and I have both been awful with the pic taking!! Maybe the summer challenge will straighten us out!

  2. I think we've all been awful at taking pictures! I think I'll maybe start taking selfies in the morning instead of waiting till after work and for my husband to take them. That way I'll always remember...mabye...haha!