Monday, June 30, 2014

July Pinspired

I was super excited to try out some fun looks I found on Pinterest since we recently went on vacation.
Fun outfits!
Nothing business casual for the office!
I was pumped!
But I failed :(
I didn't take a single photo of me in any of my outfits!
Bad blogger!

I did manage to have one family photo taken.
Pathetic, I know!

On to the inspiration photos!

I totally own orange shorts like that first photo, but I wore them the night before :(
Oh well!
I did a combo of both photos using the cream sweater and cami with navy shorts.
This outfit was so comfortable, yet I felt pulled together :)

Cream sweater/cami/navy shorts

This was our last evening of vacation in Myrtle Beach.
We ended up in Little River for dinner at Patio's Tiki Bar & Grill.
If you are anywhere in the area, you must go there!
The setting was perfect!
Live music every night, moss in the trees, good food, and it sits right on the water!
PERFECT in my book!

I will be back later this week with a recap of our trip :)

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Happy Monday!


  1. SUCH a good family photo-- you look great girl! I love a good summer sweater! :)

  2. Such an adorable outfit in your family picture...and the family picture is SO cute, too!!! Total success!!! :)

  3. Great family photo! If you're going to take just one, best be a good one and you got that covered.

  4. Its so hard to take pics on a vacay so I feel your pain but your family is so adorable! I love the navy tank and cream colored sweater too. Thanks for sharing!
    xo Dani