Monday, June 2, 2014

The Weekend

It was GORGEOUS!!!
The sun was shining all weekend long, and the temps were in the 80's every day!

X and I played outside while Mic mowed after work.
Our grass was SO tall!
 Do you see that difference in height? Crazy!!!

This kid loves to take selfies!

When Mic was finally done (almost 3 hours later) we enjoyed some pizzas on the grill :)

I headed off to booty barre class while the boys headed off for an oil change.
After class, Mic and I swapped roles...he headed out to golf with a friend while X and I took a trip to Target.
We had more errands to run, but unfortunately the little guy was ready for a nap and fell asleep in the car shortly after leaving Target :(
So home we went!
I was actually able to get some laundry done and look at a couple of new magazines while X napped!
It was great :)

That evening we headed over to a friend's house to swim and have a cookout.
The food was excellent and we had so much fun swimming, playing in the sandbox, riding the four wheeler, and more!

He was so excited to pet the little kittens :)

Today was filled with the errands X and I were unable to complete on Saturday.
Thankfully Mic stayed home with X while he napped.
X and I did run to Walmart together, so we stopped to look at the fish before getting a Mickey D's 49 cent ice cream cone :) He loved it!

We got a few things done at home throughout the day too.
Enjoyed another healthy dinner and were off to bed :)

Another great weekend in the books!
The End.

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  1. sounds like a great weekend! Our grass is crazy too, Brad has been cutting it like twice a week its nuts!

    have a great week!!!

  2. What a fun weekend. I want to mow lawn lol. The smell of fresh cut grass is my favorite!

  3. SUCH a nice weekend. And you are absolutely braver than me for giving him ice cream in the car. I mean, we had a cake pop yesterday from tha Bucks and somehow it managed to fall off the stick and get everywhere. Ice cream would never make it. :)

  4. Love that second photo of the two of you!!
    You look so happy :)
    What a nice weekend!

  5. What a fun weekend and you are a brave mama for letting X eat that ice cream cone in his car seat! I don't think I would trust mine to do the same...haha. I barely let Cheerios back there!

  6. The weekend does look so much fun! I need to get better at taking good pics because I always love everyone else's! Clearly not a photographer.

  7. Oh my word the weather WAS perfect this weekend! I loved every second of it :) yummy to McDonald's ice cream cheap, and so deeelish!