Thursday, June 19, 2014

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 22 & Week 23

Week 22

Day 155 ~ These two killed it on the CMT Awards tonight with "That's Damn Rock and Roll"

Day 156 ~ This little guy was not happy he had to get a shot at his 2.5 well check up :(

Day 157 ~ Taking a break from running around the dance floor area at dinner. #yesmom #momfail

Day 158 ~ We stopped at Grandpa's Cheesebarn and left with these :)

Day 159 ~ This is how we roll in the Roberts house!

Day 160 ~ My boys cuddled up on the floor watching Cars again!!!

Day 161 ~ Rockin' my new Viking knuckle ring from B.E.Humble

Week 23

Day 162 ~ This kid was working my last nerve tonight at dinner. We decided to head outside so we wouldn't ruin everyone else's night. 

Day 163 ~ I stopped by Burlington to see if there was anything for me...I left with 3 pairs of shoes for X!

Day 164 ~ One of our clients just brought Mic and I these Amish made donuts to share. 
#mustsaynothanks #onsecondthought #dietwhatdiet

Day 165 ~ Met some of my favorites today! #ohbloggers

Day 166 ~ I may not say it very often, but this guy is the best dad I could have wished for for X! 
We are so thankful for you & love you so much!!!

 Day 167 ~ Shocker! We are watching Cars again!!!

Day 168 ~ Bedtime shenanigans with this cutie!

Whew! I am finally caught up!

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  1. Gah, and now I need another bag of circus peanuts to inhale!!! ;) Hehe !

  2. Yes mason jars for everything!! Obsessed :) so sweet. More I'm craving marshmallows lol!

  3. My niece is obsessed with Cars too!! Have you watched Mater's Tall Tales on Netflix? SO CUTE (or at least it was cute 25 times ago...)

  4. oh my gosh, X and cars is too hilarious! My son has finally somewhat gotten over Cars, so it's a once a week thing now, phew! Glad that phase is over and he hasn't really picked up anything yet...fingers crossed!