Mini Life Update

Monday, March 22, 2021

Hello Monday & Welcome Spring!
It is a beautiful day today here in central Ohio!
This week kicks off our new and even crazier schedule, but we are excited for it!

X is playing 3 sports (total of 4 teams) this spring!
We are nuts, I know!
He has been going to soccer lessons all winter and has had team practice on Friday nights, but this week things really kick off.

Mondays and Thursdays we have soccer team practice.
Tuesdays and Fridays he has soccer lessons/practice.
Wednesdays he has football practice and then goes to soccer lessons.
And then his travel soccer team starts games this weekend!

Football games start in a few weeks on Sunday afternoons, and he is playing in a mini soccer league for the club where he takes lessons.

I mentioned 3 should be starting sometime around the end of April and is pretty much every day of the week.

I feel like Dory right now...

I realize after typing Life Update as the title, our lives basically revolve around X these days.
Mic and I are still busy handling our actual business each day, and still trying to find mirrors and sconces for the bathrooms 🙍

Please tell me it isn't just us that our lives revolve around our child's life!

And that is all I got for today!
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

XOXO ~ Vanessa

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