Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

With Easter just a little over a week away I thought I would share some basket ideas for the kiddos.
Yes, I probably have a better idea of what the little boys want (or at least my little guy) but I will give you a few ideas for the girls too.
And nothing involves candy!!!

Honestly, I will probably throw some small candy type thing in X's basket.
He doesn't like chocolate though, so the typical chocolate bunny is out :(

Toys are an easy to-go for X's basket.
Right now all he is talking about are the Nerf guns he sees commercials for.
This Nerf Zombie Double Strike is under $10 and would easily fit into a basket.

And you might as well grab some extra bullets to throw in there as well :)

Another item that X and all his friends love are Beyblades!
He has collected quite a few, so a carrying case would be a great idea as well.

Pokemon Cards are a super easy option as well for boys or girls.
The kids in Kindergarten are all obsessed with these!
These tins are under $15 and come with quite a few cards in them.
Honestly, after buying so many Pokemon cards over the last 6 months, I would say these are the best value if you are buying some for the kiddos in your life.

Creative kid on your hands or just want your kiddo to sit still for a bit?
Grab this 80 piece art kit for under $15!
Throw in a sketch pad so they have a book to carry with them instead of loose sheets of paper.

A friend of mine recently said her daughter is super into Squishies.
I had never heard of them before, but she said that is all she wants these days!
There are a ton of options online, but I thought his set for $13 looked cute.

Did you have one of these as a kid?
 This 3 pack of Picture Viewer toys is only $13!

Want something slightly more high tech?
Check out this option that you can attach to your phone and project the image on the wall!

With Summer approaching and vacations being planned, swim trunks, sandals, etc. are always good basket options as well.
I typically stick to simple patterns for X, but he loves sharks so I grab a pair of those too!

He also likes to be just like his daddy, so these Nike Slides are right up his ally.

As for me, I love all things red, white and blue in the summer.
How stinkin' cute is this 2 piece for girls?
I wish it came in my size!

 And how about a matching Pineapple Swimsuit and flip-flops? 

Some days it is just too hot to be outside!
Movies come in handy as well for good basket stuffers!

And last, but not least new sporting goods equipment would be a great idea.
With baseball/softball, golf, soccer, etc. coming up and those kiddos constantly growing, it might be time to upgrade their gear.

Did you know that Shin Guards need upgraded as your kid grows as well?

I wish the Youth Baseball/Softball Bag I had looked this cool when I had to carry one!
This one is pretty cool in camo, but comes in other colors as well.

Investing in a good Softball Glove (or baseball glove) is a good idea if your kiddo is playing.
They don't grow out of these nearly as quickly as shoes.

This is the exact Golf Set X got for his birthday and it is great for someone just starting to play.
The clubs are adjustable, so they are perfect as he is growing like a weed right now.
And the cost is perfect if he decides to give it up to focus on other sports.

Unfortunately, that set comes with a couple soft golf balls.
So grab a dozen for under $6 to hit around the yard or at your local driving range.
Adidas Golf Shoes

I still remember some of my Easter baskets from when I was a kid.
In my younger years I loved when I would see a new Barbie in my basket.
Later years I truly enjoyed getting a new CD or shorts :)

What type of items are in your kids baskets?
What type of things did you receive as a kid?

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