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Monday, March 26, 2018

It is the final Monday in March and today is all about Makeup!
Linking up with The Blended Blog today for there weekly Talk Series :)

When I first started using make up I would use anything I found in the drugstore.
But as I have gotten older, I have invested in products that are better for my skin and work better for me.
Don't get me wrong, I still get quite a few things that are "drugstore" products!

For the last 15 years or so I have used Bare Minerals products.
My skin is SUPER sensitive!
I turn red and/or breakout really easy from a lot of products.
When I first starting using Bare Minerals, I was all in!
I had the blush, eye shadows, mineral veil, etc.

But as I got older my skin started changing a bit.
I absolutely love the loose power foundation, but my skin has become to dry to use it every day :(

So I switched to the Tinted Gel Cream and it works perfectly for me!

I have used the bareSkin foundation as well, and it goes on super smooth.
I just like something a tad less foundation like if that makes sense.

As far as concealer goes, I'm not picky but maybe I should be.
I currently have an NYX one that I am using, and before that I was using one from E.L.F.

My main problem with concealers is that every time I find one that I really like they stop making it :(
What brand or kind of concealer do you use?
I prefer a creamier one (compact style) vs. a wand but I am having a hard time finding that style anymore.

I fell in love with a eyeshadow/blush set I picked up a couple of years ago at Ulta from Bare Minerals so I use that a lot!
But I also LOVE the Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palettes!
They go on so well, and last forever!

And on special nights out I apply the Urban Decay Eye Primer.
And I rarely use eye liner.
I just typically use one of the darker shadows in the palette and lightly line the outer half of my top lashes.

My go-to mascara for years was Maybelline Great Lash!

But when I picked up those Bare Minerals kits a mascara came with them and I was hooked!

I love this stuff!

I don't wear blush too often because my face is ALWAYS naturally glowing red ;)
But when I do, I just use a peachy pink shade from the Bare Minerals.

I do love using bronzer in the summer!
I have a Bare Minerals one that is fantastic!

And I recently picked up a contouring kit from E.L.F. that I love...I just am not that good at using it yet :/

And that is pretty much it for makeup for me.
I tend to skip a few of those steps on a daily basis to keep things really simple.

Oh, and something I never go anywhere without is lip balm!
Preferably ChapStick brand! lol!
Now if I am heading out for a rare girls night or date night, I might swipe on some of my favorite lip gloss.

Hey Bare Minerals Execs!
If you are reading me! ;)

What brand of products do you use?
Do you have a simple routine or more elaborate?
Is there a product that I must try?
I would love to hear from you in the comments below :)

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