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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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There are so many things I feel like I fail at when it comes to being a mom.
But here are a few I do all the time :/

There are quite a few nights I let X have dessert before dinner.
I know that is a no-no for a lot of moms/parents, but I have lucked out and he will still eat his dinner afterwards.
Fingers crossed this one doesn't come back to haunt me in later years.

I am the absolute worst at telling him no when we are at the store.
I go in with every intention that he doesn't get to go home with a new toy, or pack of Pokemon cards, or some other little trinket.
But it never works!
And then I try to justify it in my head as to why he deserves that item....great check up at the doctor or dentist, moved onto another color for his sight words, didn't whine today, gave me a hug, etc. lol!
I'm pathetic I know!

This one is probably my biggest fail as a mom, but I just go with it.
X is 6 years old and still sleeps with us.
And the only way he will go to sleep is if you are in bed snuggling with him.
He started out in his crib when he first came home from the hospital, but that last about 6-8 weeks.
I couldn't do the crying it out stuff, so we moved him into our room.
And he started sleeping better.
And we were able to sleep better.
And it has been like that ever since :/

Mic has said for quite awhile he needs to move into his own room.
I find excuses reasons why he can stay for just a little bit longer ;)
For example, we have to move out of our house why the remodeling is taking place.
So it will just be easier to keep things the way they are so we can store all that excess furniture and such until things are done :)
Granted I may have created a monster, because at the moment he has said that he won't be moving into his big boy room until he is 10 years old :/

Please tell me I am not alone :)
What have you failed at as a mom and lived through?

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