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Friday, March 16, 2018

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Happy Happy Friday!
This week has been all about green in so many ways!

We once again kicked off the weekend/week with some Friday night Basketball!
I can't believe tonight is X's last game!
It has been stressful fun watching him play and learn something new :)

My dad and step mom came over after the game, so we munched on pizza and X decided to make his own ninja warrior challenge course :/
 He was jumping, crawling under and over things, and even set up a "buzzer" at the end :)

 Saturday afternoon I met up with some friends in Columbus for a little shopping and food :)
I have never been a girl's girl, but as I get older I realize that some time alone with friends is good for the soul!

Saturday evening/Sunday morning was not much fun :(
X sick woke up in the middle of the night (right about when the time changed) and was getting sick all over :(
Just when we all thought things were settled he would get sick again!
I swear it went on for hours like this.
Poor kid :(
He was so bummed that he was going to miss my mom's surprise get together.

Thankfully, it only seemed to last 24 hours and he was almost 100% when school rolled around on Monday morning.

So while Mic and X chilled at home on Sunday afternoon, I headed north to surprise my mom for a belated birthday lunch.
That cake was SO GOOD!
Actually I am still nibbling on some I brought home with me!

My niece was there and I swear she grew over night!
She was cracking me up licking the food off her plate!
She obviously has been watching the dogs at her house a bit too closely ;)

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays of the year!
So is it any surprise that I have sporting green & gold nails this week?
And yes, I change my polish every couple of days to match my clothes, etc.
Plus, once I see the slightest chip I have to remove it all!

On the blog this week I have talked about my favorite Skincare Products and routine.

Admitted some of my daily Mom Fails.

And posted a fun Lego Star Wars Giveaway!

It's March Madness time for high school basketball, and "our" school won the District Title earlier this week.
I am typing this Thursday night, so fingers crossed they come away with a win tonight and another one on Saturday afternoon!
And then they will be State bound!!!!!
Let's Go Big Lex!

X had Spring pictures at school on Tuesday, but I forgot to take his picture that morning.
When I asked to snap a pic that evening I got a portfolio full! ;)

This is by far my favorite!

Not only is it high school basketball finals, but it is March Madness for college basketball as well!
It is seriously one of my favorite times of year!
I watch check in all the games throughout each day and then turn them on TV as soon as I get home.
Mic, X, and I filled out brackets with each other and we all have Xavier going all the way ;)

I mentioned above that one of my favorite holidays is tomorrow.
We are looking forward to watching some more college basketball and celebrating St. Patrick's Day with some good friends tomorrow night.
I will be wearing all the green things as well as this pin my grandma gifted me over the weekend.
This picture doesn't do it is super nice!
And I believe it is real!

It was my great grandma's pin that she gave to my grandma and now me :)
My mom's side of the family is always celebrating our Scottish heritage, but I like to celebrate the Irish blood I get from my grandma :)
She gifted me this pin because I am the only one who does.
I absolutely love it!!

And that my friends is it for the week!
I have a check up this morning and then I am taking the rest of the day off to get some things done around the house.
Looking forward to a great weekend!

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