So I hosted a Wine Tasting...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

If you know me, you know I am not a big drinker.
But when I do have an adult beverage I typically go for a cocktail or cider beer.
So it makes total sense that I hosted a wine tasting at my house this weekend right?!?!

I actually attended a couple other tasting parties at friends houses and really enjoyed them.
Traveling Vineyard is the company that our gracious wine guide Jessica works for.
She brings 5 wines to your home to taste and keep for free.
She also supplies the wine glasses, the steps to tasting the wine, and suggests food that pair well with each of the wines.

As the host, my job is to gather a group of friends together to join me for a tasting.
I also am provided with a list of foods that pair well with the wines.
Since my event was so close to Valentine's Day I decided to go with that theme for decor.

So here are the wines we tasted and the foods we enjoyed with them.

Hoot (off dry white blend) - Chips and salsa/guacomole

Zeffer Hills (chardonnay - fuller body, dry white) - cheese and crackers/french bread and cheese fondue

Marula (Pinotage, red)- Meatballs with BBQ sauce

OJA! (Monastrell Syrah, medium body red) - Italian meats and bread

Fissata Blonde (fizzy white wine, dessert style, sweet) - Dark Chocolate fondue with strawberries, pound cake, pretzels, and marshmallows

And then I added a 6th bottle to the mix from my own collection.
I had purchased a bottle of Calamity Sue (Reisling - off dry white) from a wine party I had attended, but never tried it.
I figured it was a great night to break it out and see if anyone else liked it too!

I also shared some Double Date (sweet rose', dessert style) and Smirk (Mostacal - off dry white).

We had so much fun sipping on the different wines, nibbling on the yummy spread, and just relaxing with some great friends.
Honestly, that last one was the best part!
The party began at 6pm and the ladies all left around 1am!
You know that it was a good night! :)
We shared so many laughs together.
I just wish a few others were able to join us.
Next time for sure!

I also picked up a few extra bottles of wine at the store (just in case ;) as well as some party favors for the ladies to take home with them.

Have you ever attended or hosted a Traveling Vineyard or other wine tasting party?

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