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Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Friday!
This week has been super low key!
X and I both had have colds so we are taking it pretty easy.
However, we do have another busy weekend ahead of us, so rest has been our best friend this week!

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On Monday I caught you up on the highs and lows of our weekend :)
Favorite - seeing all these little guys having fun together
Not so favorite - knowing it is one of the last times they will all play with Colton since he moves in a couple weeks to Georgia :(

Wednesday was all about how I (try to) take care of myself!
All I can say is that I am a work in progress ;)

I can't go a week without at least one favorite from Instagram!
I thankfully have a couple of ladies who fall into this category in my life!
You know who are ;)

I celebrated a super low key Valentine's Day with my little guy since Mic had to work.
We had spaghetti and I had some homemade chocolate covered strawberries for dessert :)

In other news, we are getting close to starting the big Home Remodel at our house.
I am scared, excited, terrified, over the moon, etc.

I need to think about packing, where we are going to live, etc.
But who can think about those kind of things when you are looking at pictures of kitchen sinks and such! lol!

I want to know your thoughts on some items that I can't decide on right now.
Take ranges/ovens for example...
How many burners is ideal?
What are your thoughts on duel fuel ovens?
What about double ovens? Or even steam ovens?
Or warming drawers?
Do electric ovens really cook/bake more evenly than gas?

From my baking experience, gas has ALWAYS cooked/baked more evenly for me.
But in all the reviews I have read, and store clerks I have spoke with they say electric cooks more evenly.
Anyone else feel this way?

Next item....farmhouse sinks.
I know I want a farmhouse apron style sink in stainless steel.
I would prefer a double basin.
Do you like double or single?
Why do all the stainless steel sinks seem to have a curved front?
Does anyone know where I can find a extra deep sink?

Is a top of the line dishwasher with all the bells and whistles worth it?
How many of you have two dishwashers in your kitchen?

Do I need a prep sink?
What about a pot filler by my oven?

This is all new to me!
Any suggestions, tips, etc. you may have for me on a major home remodel would be greatly appreciated :)
Especially areas you think are worth spending the money and where to save!

Back to reality for this weekend though!
We have another basketball game on the docket for our little guy tonight,
and then I am hosting a wine tasting party at my house on Saturday evening.
So that means lots of cleaning, cooking, etc. during the day tomorrow :/
Wish me luck!

What are your plans for this weekend?


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