How We...Take Care of Ourselves

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

First let me say...
I hope you all have a wonderful day with loved ones, friends, etc.!

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Today is about how we take care of ourselves!
Maybe it should be titled, How I wish I took care of myself ;)

As a full-time, work outside the home mom, I get very little time to do things for myself.

There are a few things that I must do to take care of myself,
a few things I would like to do more often,
and quite a few things I would love to do.

What I Do
I get my hair professionally cut and colored/highlighted every 8-10 weeks.
I schedule my appointments for the entire year so I don't have to worry about getting in last minute, and my hair (fingers crossed) lasts that long in between cuts and color.
I invested in better styling tools and products to keep my hairstyle looking good/how I want it to look.
Who would have thought that a curling iron and hair dryer that were in the $30-40 range would make such a difference vs. the $10 tools.

I have invested in quality skincare products that work well for me.
I have tried some other products over the last few years, but I invest in Rodan and Fields because it really works for me.

I workout at least 5 days a week for 30-45 minutes until I have that oh so good exhausted feeling :)
If there was one thing I would pick from this list that is an absolute must for me it is this one!
Working out - yoga, barre class, cardio, etc. - totally transforms my mood!

What I Like To Do
Painting my finger and toe nails makes me feel so much more pulled together.
Finding the time to do it is tough though.
But I just started using a quick dry top coat and it has changed my world!

Sunless tan at home.
I used to go to the tanning bed back in my high school days and it just isn't worth it.
Yes, I would love to be tan year round but not at that cost!
This stuff works really well...when I remember to use it ;)
And it doesn't make me look orange in the middle of winter!

Drink more water!
I already drink a ton of water, but there are days when I slack :(

What I Wish I Did
Get more quality time with friends!
And at the same time be able to say no.
Why don't I get much time with my friends.....because we ALL over schedule ourselves :(
I need to work on my schedule this year for sure!

This goes right along with working out for me!
Dancing is so much fun for me.
I need to see if there is a hip hop class offered for adults around here.

Goof off!
I have a REALLY hard time letting loose.
I just can't seem to stop thinking about responsibilities or possible problems that could arise.

Sleep more!
I go to bed way too late...I always have really.
I need to work on getting my mind to shut down every night before 1am so I can get some good sleep.

Hire a maid/house cleaner.
This needs to be the first thing I get on my schedule!
I have been talking about it forever, but I never pull the trigger.
I think I am nervous for some reason.

How do you take care of yourself?
What ways would you like to improve on taking care of yourself?

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