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Friday, January 26, 2018

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Remember how I mentioned not too long ago that I was trying to just live in the moment more?
Well, that is exactly what happened yesterday and why I am just now writing this post at 10:30am :)

I am here now, so let's get on with my favorites from the past week!
I made my coffee To-Go on Friday morning and used one of my favorite travel mugs.
#alwaysreppin' #neverforgetwhereyoucamefrom

 I came home on Friday to some happy mail :)
The ladies at Willow Elizabeth gifted me these gorgeous earrings!
I absolutely love them!
 Grab yourself a pair of the Pantone Color of the year ones or those fun shiny silver cutouts!
They are always releasing new patterns! Check out all of their earrings here :)

Friday evening was X's first Upwards basketball practice.
#4 is my favorite ;)
I absolutely loved watching him out on the court!
I can't wait for him to play in his first game tonight! 

 After basketball we joined some friends for pizza at their house and were able to surprise Mic with a cake for his birthday :)

If you know my husband, one of his favorite things is learning more about the bourbons that are out there.
I thought it would be fitting to have a bourbon barrel cake made.
I think this turned out great considering we only planned this whole celebration a few days before!

Saturday was officially Mic's 40th birthday and I convinced him to go out to dinner at our favorite Japanese steakhouse.
A couple of our best friends joined us too!

Good friends just make life so much better!

On Sunday I made a stop at Target before I did my normal grocery shopping.
I mentioned these shows in my Target Picks post this week.
Seriously, don't they look almost identical to the Vince Camuto ones?
I have a feeling these will be my favorite spring/summer shoe!

I try to treat myself to Starbucks on Sundays when I do my grocery shopping.
When I ordered my favorite Caramel Creme Brulee Latte I was told they were upgrading me from a Tall to a Venti for free because they were trying to get rid of the excess product!

Rachel shared this with me when I was looking for some healthier/cleaner alternatives to butter.
Have you tried Ghee Butter before?
How do you use it?
It isn't my favorite yet, but I could see switching if I had a better idea how to use it :)

I started the blog week off by sharing some of my favorite tips on Self Care :)
I am open to more suggestions from you all as well!

Instagram = All the favorites
This is unfortunately 100% me :/

Please tell me someone else out there had this couch in their childhood home?

I honestly didn't know that backing into your parking space or garage was considered old!!!
I didn't think old people could do that!!!
This is how Mic and I park almost everywhere we go, including our garage!

So my little ole' Instagram account hit 1000 followers this week!
That is crazy!
Thank you! You are all my favorites!
And now I am planning a little giveaway in celebration.
Stay tuned friends!

It is Kindness week at school so each day the kiddos were able to wear something different (similar to spirit week).
X wanted nothing to do with crazy sock/shoe day or crazy hair/hat day.
But when it was time for wear your favorite sport/team day he was all about it!
He went back and forth, but ultimately decided to wear his New England Patriots Tom Brady jersey.
He later told me it was because the rest of his friends were wearing Ohio State and he wanted to change it up.
I definitely don't have a follower on my hands :)

Yesterday I worked from home because this guy finally had his 6 year check up.
He was having a blast goofing and dancing around while we waited for the doctor.
I seriously think laughing is his favorite thing to do!

When we were done, he put his pj's back on and we headed to our favorite store.
Yesterday was PJ day at school.
He was blown away that he was allowed to wear his pj's to the doctor.
And he questioned me even more that he was allowed to wear them into Target.
He didn't believe they would let him in!
I pray that he stays that way forever! ;)
 And on a side note....oh my goodness does this kid look like Mic in this picture!
Same smirk and stance!

I was in need of some coffee and we were right next to a Starbucks drive-thru so we grabbed one of my favorite drinks before heading back home.
And then I saw this.... 
I don't frequent this particular location so I had no idea they changed their drive-thru to 24 hours as of the 1st of the year!!!
So excited!

While X is still into Pokemon and Minecraft, his latest obsession is Beyblade Burst.
He picked up a few of them yesterday with a gift card he received and he hasn't put them down.
He even wanted to sleep with them!

And last but certainly not least, I saw this on Pinterest this week and it has become my new favorite.
It is now my screen saver :)

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and enjoy your weekend!

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