Don't Hate Me, But...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

That title works because I hope that you won't hate/dislike me after I reveal a few things about myself.

Like....I am not a fan of Mexican food.
I can eat some chips and salsa, and have some super basic crunchy tacos but that is it for me.
Guac? No thank you.
Queso? I'll pass.
Margaritas? Nope.
I hope all my Southern/Texan friends don't leave me now.
Just think of it is this way...more for you!

Another thing that I apparently don't think the same as everyone else...Oprah.
She does nothing for me.
Never has.
I just don't get why people are so enthralled with her.
I don't enjoy talk shows of any kind (TV or Radio) so maybe that is why.

I just can't get into to reality TV.
Especially The Bachelor or any of the Real Housewives.
I just can't deal with all the fakeness and drama.
Honestly, sports rule our house and I am totally OK with that.
There is some sort of football or basketball game on the TV most the time when we are at home.

When I do watch reality TV, it is The Voice.
And even then I fast forward through all the talking.
I can't stand to listen to the "stories".
So I fast forward through the coaching, etc until they are on the stage ready to sing.
I don't even listen to the coaches comments afterwards because it drives me nuts.

I prefer a cocktail or beer over wine any day of the week.
I will have it, but it just doesn't do anything for me.
I know so many people that are so excited to kick their feet up at the end of the day or over the weekend and enjoy a glass of wine.
That is SO not me!
Honestly, I don't even need a drink.
I would prefer to workout :)

I've said this one before, but I will say it again....I am not an Apple fan.
I had an iPhone before my current Google Pixel and I couldn't stand it!
Everything about it just wasn't for me.
Unfortunately, I had that phone for 5 years!
Before it I had a Blackberry and other android phones.
I work on a computer dealing with Microsoft and such all day, so I want a phone that operates pretty close to that.
I would honestly have a Blackberry again if it could do everything I want it to!

Binge watching shows is not for me.
Especially if there are multiple seasons that I haven't watched.
I don't like not knowing what happened.
So I cheat and look ahead.
Like with Game of Thrones.
I don't know what happens in the last couple of seasons, but I have looked at pictures that indicate certain things.
It helps when you see someone die in a certain season, but you know they can't really die because you saw pictures of them in season 7 ;)
That probably goes along with why I can't stand scary/horror/suspense movies or shows.
I like to know what is coming before it actually does.

One more thing that I just can't seem to understand or get into...wearing beanies at home. The amount of photos I see on Instagram of girls wearing beanies around the house, in bed, etc just boggles my mind! 
What is the purpose?

So are you with me or against me on these topics?
I would love to hear what you think!

Linking up today with Erika and Ashley for Tuesday Talk :)

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