Christmas Take 2, NYE & A Giveaway!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Linking up with Erika, Narci & Andrea for...

By Friday of last week I was starting to feel a bit better, so we decided to attempt Christmas with our families.

 Up first was my in-laws house on Friday night where a future Rock Star was born ;)

Or maybe I should say death metal by the way he was singing! lol!

 After dinner and gifts we watched X's favorite team (Ohio State) win their bowl game :)

 Despite all the snow, we headed north to celebrate with my family.
My mom and step dad were under the weather as well, so our get together was kind of brief :(
But overall we still had a good time getting to see them :)

 Then we were off to my dad's house.
X opened a small gift before we headed out to eat.
He is obsessed with his Nintendo Switch!
And this might just be his new favorite game :)

 My brother and niece came over when we got back from dinner and we opened presents.
X was beyond excited to get another football uniform.

 This time it was the Dallas Cowboys!
He is now running around saying he is Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott!


 While I am still not 100%, I did get to enjoy ringing in 2018 with some of our favorite people!

 On New Year's Day I made Andrea's pulled pork from Shay's Simmers cookbook I received for Christmas.
So good!
I paired with cabbage and noodles and we were set for good luck foods to start the year!

 Letting this kid get extra sleep is a favorite of mine because that was me as a kid.
I hated waking up early!
However, since he has been on break he is really hard to get up now that school is supposed to be back in session :(
Hoping things go back to normal soon. 

 This week has not been my favorite!
X was supposed to go back to school on Tuesday, but they have cancelled/had a delay (which cancels morning kindergarten) every day this week because it is SO COLD!!!!

Instagram has definitely been keeping me entertained while I have been sick for the last few weeks.
Especially Scarymommy!
My favorite account to follow!

I know half of you probably weren't even born yet in 1993, but for those who you remember this song?
I remember LOVING it back in 8th grade!
I am pretty darn sure I had no idea what it actually meant, but man did I love it!
Honestly, I still do regardless what it is about :)

Have you heard of Play by Sephora?
I received my first box in late December and I absolutely love it!
Definitely some instant favorites in there!
Head here to check out everything I received :)

Giveaways are always my favorite to bring to you!
And I am kicking off 2018 with one of X's favorite shows!
Head here to enter to win your copy of The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar!

One of my goals this year is to do more Instastories, so make sure you follow along with me @xtremelyv.

Also, I am looking for some simple clean eating recipes.
But I am super picky!
No seafood, eggs, avocado, tomato.
I know, palette of a 6 year old.

Either way, what are your favorite clean recipes?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
And stay warm!

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