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Friday, December 15, 2017

Linking up Andrea, Narci & Erika for...

Happy Friday Friends!
Yes, I know this post is late but I am learning to live in the moment more.
Last night my little guy wanted to watch one of my FAVORITE Christmas movies with me and I couldn't say no!
So that meant this post had to wait until Friday morning :)

Over the weekend we spent much needed time with some of our FAVORITE people for an early Christmas dinner.

I picked up my FAVORITE little guy on Monday from school and he had lost another tooth!
That is FIVE now! CRAZY!!!!

Instagram was killin' it this week! So many FAVORITES!

This tee is so sad, but true :(

I may have "hinted" to Mic that I needed this shirt ;)

On Wednesday I joined those beautiful Texas ladies and talked about how I try to stay sane during the holidays :)

I am looking for a new coat that is a bit more casual than my wool ones I wear to work everyday.
Well, someone posted this one on Instagram this week and I knew I had to make it mine!
Camo is my FAVORITE!!!
 But when I got to the site I found this one too!!!

 So I did what any logical person would do when they are on a 50% off sale...I bought them both!
I plan on returning one of them once I try them on, but just for fun...which one would you pick?

 X had  his first snow day of the year yesterday.
While this pic doesn't seem to show it, he was pumped to get to play with his friends all day.
He actually said it was his BEST DAY EVER! lol!

 Last night we had to run a quick errand after work/school and this kid picked up these bagels to have at home as a snack.
He was closing his eyes while he was eating them because they were SO GOOD! 

These are X's new FAVORITE now!
I swear he had 4 of them last night!

Someone finally granted my wish and X asked to watch one of my FAVORITE movies last night!
He has told me for years that The Grinch was scary, and didn't know why I liked it.
So he finally agreed to watch it with me last night for the first time and really liked it!

And on that note I am calling this post done!

Looking forward to celebrating my birthday this weekend with a few of my FAVORITE people :)
I can't believe I am entering the last year of my 30's!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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