Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Show & Tell | Personal Style

Joining Andrea @ Momfessionals today for
Today we are talking about our Personal Style.

While some days I feel like I definitely have my "style" nailed down, other days I have no clue.
Honestly, I am not a huge fan of what I wear to work every day :(
Dress pants, sweater or button down shirt, dress shoes.
Super simple. Super conservative. Super blah. :(

In my non-working hours I get to be more me.
Styles may come and go, but the base of my look remains the same.
Jeans and a tee.
Now that I am proof reading this, I realize I am kind of blah outside of work too.
Just more comfortable. lol!
Typically paired with converse, sandals, or boots depending on the season.
In the summer months I swap out the jeans for shorts, and sometimes swap the tee for a tank.

On cold days I add a leather jacket,
military jacket,
or my favorite denim jacket.

And on even colder days, I throw on a long sleeve version of my favorite plain tee.
I even change things up a bit from time to time and add stripes. #risktaker lol!

When I am not rockin' a plain tee, my next favorite item is a graphic tee.
(I blogged about my love for them here.)

Another thing that makes my style mine, or makes me me are hats!
I love to throw on a hat any chance I get!
Team hats,
my favorite rock band hat,
plain hats,
and stocking hats.
I love them all!

My other go-to accessory are scarves!
I can't get enough!

I love seeing the cute clothes other bloggers and/or my friends wear, but once I try them they don't seem to work for me or my lifestyle. 

So that is me :)
Is that the style you picture me in?
I would love to hear your feedback!

What is your personal style?
What are your go-to items in your closet?
What are your favorite accessories?
And last question, where do you shop for them?

** Most items I have shown above are from Old Navy (tees), Nordstrom (scarves, jeans), Target (tanks), or J.Crew Factory (shorts)**


  1. You are too cute! I love you style! I could really go for those hats, I've tried buying hats, but I always feel they look too new...ya know? And you and your scarves, love it!

  2. Very cute!!! I love the hats, you look great in a hat! I need that Smores, Campfires & Boots shirt! Love it!

  3. I think you definitely have a great personal style- so very you!

  4. That military jacket is so cute! I want one so bad!

  5. I definitely think you wear a hat so, so well! And I love you in a military jacket.