Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites | T-Ball & Friends


I came across this on Pinterest and it couldn't be more true.
Definitely a favorite :)
Has anyone ever deleted you as a "friend" on Facebook?
It has happened to me, and it is a really weird feeling when you notice it.
Not gonna lie, I don't delete anyone. Ever.
I mean, that is why there is a "hide" option right?
To delete someone on your "friends" list on Facebook, you have to actually confirm you want to unfriend them.
I was never terribly close with this particular person, so it doesn't bother me in that way.
I am just one of those people who always wants to know the "why".
I know they don't read this blog so they will never know I am writing this, but gosh darn it I want to know why?!?!

Moving on....

We had T-ball pictures on Thursday night, so it was time to literally throw on my coach's hat :)
When you are having a good hair day, you document it right?
And this shade of blue is quickly becoming a favorite of mine :)

Friday night was chilly, but it wasn't raining so we made the most of it with a friendly game of basketball on the deck.

 My favorite player is quickly changing from David Robinson ;)

 On Saturday, X and I headed north to visit some of my very favorite people!
We enjoyed lunch at Cracker Barrel with my mom, before heading back to her house to play for a bit.

 My step dad really wanted to get some ice cream despite the fact that it was literally snowing!
Yes, I did say snowing on May 14th :(
 X and I enjoyed our very favorite - Superman!

Then we headed over to my dad's house for dinner and to spend the night.
We had X's favorite - pizza, and I enjoyed one of my new favorite drinks!

X did not nap on Saturday, nor did we go to bed very early (11pm) so we stopped at one of my favorite spots for a caffeine fix for mommy ;)

 Monday night was our first T-ball game of the season and we were pumped!
My favorite player on the team :)
 How did I manage to grab a pic with nobody looking but X?
#igotskillz #notreally #justgowithit

Tuesday night X came home and ASKED to play a learning a game!
We grabbed a snack and headed into the only warm room of our house to play with with one of his preschool books.
Not so favorite of the week - that the only room of our house that is slightly warm is our bedroom.
Ohio and Mother Nature have not quite figured out that we are half way through May and Spring already!
Near freezing temps at night, highs barely hitting 50*, and snow!
We turned all the base boards off for the year and have not brought in anymore wood to heat the house.
Summer needs to get here soon!
Or at least temps consistently in the 60's would be nice :)

We had another game on Wednesday night, but Mic had to golf so there was no time to take any pics while I was coaching.
Despite it being pretty chilly, we had a great time!
And I even let X play on the playground after his game with one of his best friends from school :)

Thursday I woke up feeling slightly refreshed (maybe I actually got a good night's sleep - who knows!), so I went with it and had a Advocare meal replacement shake for breakfast.
Liquid breakfast is not my favorite normally, but this hit the spot.
And swimsuit season will be here at some point right?!?!

Tonight (Thursday) we are headed to my favorite little guy's school for his Spring Program.
I can't wait to hear him sing and perform with his little friends.
I feel a little bad for him because most of the friends he talks about every day are graduating on to Kindergarten tonight.
But I have a feeling my social butterfly won't have a problem making some new friends next year :)

This weekend we have the official Opening Day ceremony for baseball, another game, and then we are off to Lake Michigan for the Kite Festival with my dad and step mom.
Praying that the weather is wonderful, yet slightly windy so it will be a great show for X :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I have a favorite shade of blue that I love to wear too. I call it "Colts blue". I'm not a football, but I keep buying Colts shirts for the color. Have fun at the Kite Festival!

  2. Oh my goodness, the kite festival looks like so much fun! I may need to put that on my to do list next year. OK, so on the friend thing, I totally feel ya! I do the same thing and hide them but ironically enough I noticed that I was unfriended by someone who I was once super (I mean like 15 year friendship we're talking) as well as her husband. It really hurt my feelings but what do you do, right? So, my curiosity got to me and I decided to actually look back through my friends list on FB (which I'm not very active on anyway) and noticed that there were another 4 people (at least that's all I remembered) who had done the same thing at some point. I was like, "hmm, well that's interesting". But like you, I said moving on. I don't have time for that type of negativity anyway :) Have a great weekend!

  3. That hair was definitely worth documenting!