Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Style Me Pretty...Kind Of

If you didn't stop by yesterday (shame on you),
you are probably thinking you I am completely off on my days.
However, I just wasn't feeling it yesterday to talk about style and such.
But today, I am good to go!

Stephanie @ Bourbon & Glitter loves to make lists
and so do I!
She has done a 101 things in 1001 days.
Now I wish I had a enough time to come up with 101 things,
but let's be realistic....I don't really care to!
However, I do like to make lists so that is what we are doing today!

Summer Style Bucket List

Wear a skirt/dress to work at least once a week
Soak up some Vitamin D, while soaking up some sunscreen as well
No heat styling of my hair at least once a week
Get a pedicure
Get Pin-spired with my summer outfits (2 completed already)
Buy a pair of Keds/Vans in a fun color

I know there aren't many items on the list,
but I have an 18 (almost 19) month old at home!
This list is more than enough for right now :)

What is on your summer style bucket list?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V


  1. Haha I say that's a great list! Why is it so hard to get a dang pedicure that we need to put it on a list?!

    1. I know! Add a kid to that mix and it is virtually impossible! I have tried for months to get a pedicure, but it never works out :( I am determined by the end of the summer at this point! lol!


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