Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Style Me Pretty

What have I been wearing lately,
and a Pinterest/Style Up inspired outfit as well :)

Let me begin by saying this...
I kind of despise the color blue.
Green too for that matter.
I have always been a RED girl :)
(and white & black too!)
Absolutely NO PINK!!!

But these days I have been wearing a lot of navy
and I actually like it!
SHOCKER for me!

The men in my life seem to love the color blue, so maybe that is why I hide from it. lol!
Mic wears a TON of blue!
My dad wears blue, but mostly his cars are always blue!
And they both have blue eyes!
I want to say I see my brother in a lot of blue as well,
but now that I think about it he has moved on to black :)

Anyways, here are some of my recent navy ensembles...

JCP Blue Gingham Shirt (similar here and here)
 Old Navy Chambray sleeveless shirt (similar here)
Gap Classic Khaki Pants in Stone (found here)

Striped top from T.J. Maxx (similar here)
Gray Capri pants from Kohl's (found here)
Gray Old Navy Flip Flops (similar here)

Top from T.J. Maxx (similar here)
Gap Classic Khaki Pants in Celestial Taupe (found here)
White Rampage sandals (similar here)

And here is the Pinterest/Style Up Inspiration Photo

source here

My interpretation
Top Old Navy (found here, similar here)
Skirt F21 (Found here)
Shoes from Payless (found here)

This was my casual weekend look to run errands and such.
ACDC hat (Personal Favorite)
Gray t-shirt from Target (found here)
Black short from Old Navy from last year (similar here)
Black Old Navy Flip Flops (found here)

Where do you get style inspiration from?
Do you have any go to colors you wear?
What colors do you shy away from?
Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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