Monday, June 24, 2013

Parent Failure

Lately I have been feeling like a complete failure in the parent department :(
X is great, but he can be a handful!
I understand being a good parent is hard work,
and I truly do my best to make sure X will be a good person.
Unfortunately, he has entered into the tantrum stage! GRRRR!
This drives this mommy crazy!!!

I can't stand to hear that gorgeous little guy cry,
so tantrums are extremely hard for me to deal with.
I have gotten better at letting him cry, stomp, etc. through it,
but boy oh boy has it been rough!

He also is a go, go, go kid!
On most days I love that,
but when out with other families it can be a problem :(
X does not sit still EVER!

Example: The birthday party we were at this weekend.
It was a kid party for a 2 year old little boy, so there were lots of little ones there.
However, my child was the only one running all over the place.
All the other little kids would just play with the water table,
or eat there lunch at the kid's table,
or sit still while getting their faces painted!
Not my kid :(
He wanted to be out in the yard running around.
Running into every other yard but the one we were supposed to be in.
Oh and it happened be 90 frickin' degrees outside!
So here Mic and I are sweating uncontrollably chasing after the only kid running around.
It was a nightmare!

Playing with the Birthday Boy one minute....

And chillin' in someone else's yard the next!

He does it anywhere we go.
That is why we have decided we won't be going anywhere for awhile :(
I love to get out of the house and go do things.
I can't stand to sit at home and do nothing.
X unfortunately is grounding me and I don't like it!

He also loves to throw things.
I can't stand kids that throw things.
I think it is horrible parenting if you can't control your child.
Hence why I am a complete and total failure in the parent department.

This kid throws everything!!!!!
Balls, toys, food, bath products, my makeup, you name it!
I am seriously going crazy!
Add that he finds it hilarious to pull my hair as well!
This kid will be the death of me!
Or at least an only child at the rate he is going :(

What do you do to teach your children not to throw things?
Or at least not to throw anything other than a ball?
How do you keep your child from running all over the place?
And how do I stop him from pulling my hair out (literally)?

I would seriously love to hear that every child goes through these stages in life,
but it can't possibly be true!
I have watched the other kids when we are out and they never run away from their parents!
They don't throw everything in sight!
And they sure don't pull their mom's hair out!!!!

Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated :)
I refuse to be a failure!!!!

Love this little monster!!!

Mad because daddy wouldn't let him have some of his rum & coke!
I don't know what I am going to do with this kid!
I feel like he is 18 instead 18 months!

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V


  1. I feel the exact same way!!
    Nolan is just a whirlwind--he does not sit still.
    I just posted about the wedding we went to on Sat...but weddings are no longer the same to me when you have to chase a little boy the whole time! We actually put him and his cousins in the van with AC and a movie for a while (and a chaperone), just to keep them happy, and in one place. :)
    The screaming when he doesn't get his own way--drives me crazy. I think all we can do is be patient with them and try to teach them as many words as we can so they don't get frustrated that they can't communicate what they want. Let me know if you figure out any tricks!
    floral &

    1. While I hate to hear that you are going through similar situations with Nolan, it does make me feel better that I am not alone (misery loves company). Thanks and keep me posted if you come up with any new ideas as well :)