Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Style Me Pretty

Fashion Rules

There are some fashion rules that I completely understand,
but there are a few that I actually break because I just don't see the point!
You may or may not agree with me on some of these,
but I would love to hear what you think!

Do you wear white after Labor Day?
I think this so called rule is ridiculous, and thankfully the fashion world is starting to feel the same as I do! I have always worn white year round. It is one of my favorite non colors :)
Yes, it looks amazing against a nice glowing tan,
but it also looks perfect in the winter months when you are all bundled up.
My vote: White is a winner all year!

I would totally rock this white MaxMara suit to work!

Is is ok to mix brown and black, or black and navy?
I have mixed feelings on pairing the above mentioned colors together.
If it is camel or stone colored (brown family), I am A-Ok to mix it with black.
However, if you are talking a deep chocolate brown....I just can't do it!
It just gives me an icky feeling all over.
The same is true for navy and black.
Just doesn't work for me :(
Black has always been my go-to non color for almost everything,
but these days navy has jumped all the way up the charts!
Still can't pair it with black, but at least I am wearing it :)

Can running shoes be worn with jeans?
I am sure most of you true fashionistas out there will say "No way Jose'!"
I break the rule ALL the time! I mean ALL.THE.TIME!
Flats are growing on me, and I love wearing flip-flops,
but there are times that neither of those options work and I must wear gym shoes!
I would love to have a nice pair of Hunter rain boots, but those suckers are pricey!
So when it rains I wear my Nike's :)
When I will be doing a lot of walking somewhere...I wear my Nike's.
When I am outside playing with X...I wear my Nike's.
I am trying really hard to wear other shoes, and during the Fall/Winter months I live in my boot collection.
It is just those in between times that are so hard for me to wear something else.

See...it can be cute :)

When are socks and sandals appropriate?
I wish I could say this combo is NEVER acceptable, but I wouldn't be totally honest then.
I am fine if you are on your way to a baseball/softball/soccer (BOO!)/football/volleyball/etc. game that YOU are playing in.
I get it!

In high school we always had on socks and sandals before games because we weren't allowed to wear our cleats in the school.
Same in cheerleading...if it was wet outside you weren't supposed to wear your cheer shoes outside and then onto to the court.
Maybe even around the house is alright.
That is where it ends for me!
It is NOT ok to wear socks and sandals out in public if you are not about to participate in a sporting event of some kind.
I don't care if it is just a quick trip to the store,
heading to a place that nobody knows you,
or you are going to Walmart!
(I don't have many standards for what you wear to Walmart, but no socks & sandals is one!)
Please people...take off the socks if you are going to wear sandals or put on some gym shoes!!!


Just because it comes in your size is it ok to buy/wear it?
We all know someone (maybe even ourselves) who buys an item of clothing that they never should actually wear.
Here is my slight bit of inner Mean Girl here....
Just because it comes in your size does not mean it is ok to wear it!
Trust me I know!
I am not the most slender person in the world by any means, so I know there are clothing items out there that no matter how much I would love to wear them I just can't!
It doesn't matter that the brand makes them in sizes 2-22!
I just can't do it!
The skinny jean trend comes really close to not making it into my closet.
I have hips, a butt, thick thighs...all things that make wearing skinny jeans super scary!
I usually will only wear them tucked into boots,
with a longer top.
If I am having a "skinny" day (there aren't many these days),
I will wear them with flip-flops or flats
and of course a longer top :)

So enough about what I think...What do you think about the rules I mentioned above?

Do you wear white after Labor Day?
Do mix brown & black, or black & navy?
Do you wear running shoes with jeans? If not, what do you wear?
Socks & sandals...Yes or No?
What clothing, if any, do you feel questionable about wearing?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V


  1. I wear white all year round, I love it in winter actually. And I don't do skinny jeans. My hips are too big for skinny jeans, always will be!

    1. Glad to hear I am not alone on wearing white :) The skinny jean trend was hard for to me get with, but most of my bootcut jeans were WAY too big to fold into boots :( And I LOVE my boots!


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