Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anything Goes Wednesday

Do you know what today is?
Yes, I know it is Wednesday, but it is also X's 1/2 birthday!!!
He is 18 months old today, well tonight really since he didn't want to make his debut
until 11:33pm (to be exact)!

Happy 18 months & 1/2 Birthday X!
Mommy loves you to pieces :)

Do any of you celebrate 1/2 birthdays?
I never used to, but I think it sounds like a pretty fun tradition to start with X :)

So what else is going on?
We finally picked a spot for a week long vacation!
We are heading south to the Smoky Mountains and then spending a couple of days
in Nashville :)
I can't wait!
Except I can....because X won't be joining us :(
I know I truly need some time for rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, etc.,
but I will miss my little guy like CRAZY!!!

Have you been to the Smoky Mountains or Nashville before?
Any recs on things to do, places to eat, etc.?

Today is day 3 of the AdvoCare 24 Day challenge for me.
So far so good!
My energy is up without drinking coffee or pop,
AND I finally starting working out again!
AdvoCare has this great DVD that all the workouts are only 24 minutes long.
Seriously, 24 minutes!
After only 2 days of doing the DVD I am super sore!
Which means I know it is working :)
The great thing is the workouts vary, so you aren't doing the same thing every day :)
I am begging you to check it out for yourselves.
Again, the workouts are only 24 minutes long and you definitely feel them afterwards!

I appreciate all of you lovely followers/readers
and I would love to get to know you and you get to know me better!
So here is your chance :)
Ask me some questions in the comment section and I will post
the answers next Wednesday.

Here are some questions for all of you....

Where are you from & where do you currently live?
What is your middle name?
What is your favorite vacation spot you have been?
Who is/are your favorite musicians or bands?
What is your favorite beverage?
I can't wait to hear your answers!
Until next time...
XoXo ~ V


  1. My mom made me cupcakes every year for my half birthday, May 20. :)