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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Winter hasn't completely hit us yet (fingers crossed this year will be extremely mild),
but I still have been wearing the same winter coat I rocked all last winter.
It's strange really.
Due to our living circumstances, I am doing things totally different than I normally would.
I have been wearing the same exact winter coat every single day that I need to wear a coat.
That is so unlike me.
I have a thing for coats.
In years past I have been known to get 2, 3, even 5 new coats that are winter only coats.
I just love them!
I typically switch out what coat I wear every single day!
Sometimes even throughout the day I change them.
I was the same way with purses!

So back to my winter outerwear.
This coat right here is the one I wear 90% of the winter months.

That other 10% of the time I wear this one.


Both are last year, but I this is the lightweight version for this year.
The longer version above is also pretty light weight, but it is a little warmer and provides more coverage.

I keep things simple with a solid beanie and matching gloves :)

This picture is old, but I still wear that exact hat.
Similar beanies

I also scored my Sorel boots on major sale last year and wear them all winter long!

Once the salt gets thrown down on the roads and sidewalks I leave my "work" shoes at the office and just wear these bad boys to and from work each day.
They are a bit heavy, but are so worth it since they keep my feet toasty!
The price tag is scary at first, but I have already worn them so much I justified that price a long time ago.

What does your winter outerwear look like?

How cold does it get where you live?
Do you get snow?
I would love to see your winter style and hear your answers below!

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XOXO ~ Vanessa


  1. You wear camo so well! Also, that beanie looks great on you. I bought one last year but rarely wore it because it hardly gets cold enough here. I still have it in hopes that there might be one day I can pull it out! I hope you have a mild winter and I hope we have a cold one! So far it's been warmer than usual and that just stinks. I look forward to a reprieve from the heat.

    1. Thank you sweet friend! Fingers crossed you get some of the colder temps for a little while 😊

  2. bahahah- of course it's camo and of course I want it. I love multiple jackets too.

    1. Did you think it would be anything else?!?! 😜

  3. When you look that good in camo, why not wear on repeat! Yes, this mid western winter is so weird, I am rarely even wearing a coat until today that is. We finally have more snow on the ground and it’s in the teens. I just love Coats too but yeah I’m really picking from my selection this year, ha ha! You’re so cute!

    1. Too sweet! Thank you Andrea! Today the temps are much lower here (in the 20's) and we have ice all over 😏 Stay warm!

  4. That camo puffer is adorable. I think I need to add it to my collection :)!


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