The Friday Faves | Week 2

Friday, January 11, 2019

Another week into 2019...How's it going for you?
Are you sticking with your goals or resolutions you have set for yourself?
So far so good here :)

I kicked off the weekend jumping on the #twinning train.
Anyone else love these types of things?

I can't complain about the results :)

Then I headed outside for a chilly, but much needed bout of fresh air!

After a good workout, I cleaned up and we headed out for a late lunch.
This time we headed to Newark to check out Barrel & Boar.
Mic tried out a Bloody Mary, while I waited for the main course ;)

Beef brisket, fresh cut fries, mac-n-cheese and garlic bread!
So good!
I ended up bringing more than half of it home for Mic to enjoy the next day.

He really enjoyed his Maple Pork and Sausage Grits as well.

I couldn't leave without trying the Creme Brulee'!

I actually wanted to go to dinner at the location in Columbus for my birthday, but I wasn't sure everyone would like it.
I'm bummed that I didn't pick it for that night, but so glad we were able to try it out.
We will definitely go back!

The rest of the weekend we watched football and prepped for the upcoming week of school, work, basketball, etc.

X had another basketball game on Tuesday night, and I do love to watch him play but this week something just seemed off :/

Which should have been a clue that he wasn't feeling well....
He even tried to meditate the sick feelings away ;) but it didn't work.

A day later I had to keep him home from school for the very first time because he had some sort of stomach bug :(

But that meant I was able to work from home (trying to see the positive side of it).
In my down time I started reading my new book...

I am not really a book person, but so far I like it :)
I am sure I am the last person to read it.
Have you read it yet?
What did you think of it? 

On the blog...
I kicked off the first full week of January sharing some of the things that entertain me.
Head here to see what I like or dislike in music, movies, TV and books.

Wednesday was all about what I wear outside in the winter.

Honestly, it was perfect timing.
We got hit with low temps, snow and ice and soon as that post went live!

And that is it for this week!
Make sure you get your posts ready for Monday and Wednesday to link up with us at The Blended Blog!

Fingers crossed X is feeling better and back to school today (I'm writing this Thursday evening).
He kicks off his first indoor soccer season on Saturday!
The rest of the weekend should be pretty low key - errands and watching all the football I can! 
What are you up to this weekend?
Whatever it is I hope you find something good in each day :)

Linking up with The Blended Blog, Andrea, Narci & Erika.

Thanks for stopping by!

XOXO ~ Vanessa


  1. Wow, you got some great results from the twinning app! I'm afraid to try it, lol!!! That food looks scrumptious, yum!
    Your sweet boy trying to meditate his sick feelings away is priceless - what a great kid you have! I'm sorry he was sick. I just started listening to Rachel Hollis' podcast and she is so empowering. I have not read the book yet so I guess I will in fact be the last person on the planet to do so, lol!
    Happy weekend friend!

    1. Thanks! I got some not so cute results too! Lol! I wish that meditation worked for him ☹️ I am only reading a chapter at a time, but so far so good!

  2. Good Luck to X in the soccer game! You are by far prettier than those ladies...absolutely! Now I want that Bloody Mary. Happy Friday babe xo

    1. Thanks Andrea! Unfortunately, he was sick again and had to miss his game ☹️ You are always so sweet! 😘

  3. I want to hang out with you and eat all the food. I love creme brulee. Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes!!! Not sure that I am going to be able to make the Calgary trip, but we will eat and drink all the things sometime (hopefully soon) 😁

  4. Aw, poor kiddo. Stomach bugs are the worse.. :( Hope he's feeling much better and everyone else manages to stay healthy!

  5. You are definitely not the last person to read Girl, Wash Your Face. I'm not a reader either but have started it - just haven't finished it (even though I've loved what I've read so far!).

    1. Ha! I can only do about a chapter at a time! My mind starts thinking of all the other things I should be doing!

  6. Oh crème crème brulee! My favorite desert! Have a great weekend!

    1. The vanilla flavor is my favorite, but I will typically take it any way I can!

  7. That Bloody Mary looks darn delish. I can see your resemblance to Charlotte.


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