The Friday Faves | Week 1

Friday, January 4, 2019

Happy 2019!
I hope you all had a fantastic time with friends and family over the holidays!
It was so nice to have a break away from #allthethings,
but I am even more excited to be back here, work, etc.
It is time to get 2019 started!!!!

But it is Friday....
So in typical Friday fashion I am sharing some favorites from this past week :)

I kicked off the weekend in Akron, Ohio at the Akron Civic Theatre with my dad.

We saw my favorite 80's/90's rock hair band...Firehouse!

Saturday I was feeling the late night, so we kept things super low key.
We did decide to hop in the car for a drive and to grab some lunch.
As much as I love ham and potatoes I had had enough after a week straight of those two things.
I have been wanting to go to The Thurman Cafe for years, but it never works out when we are in Columbus.
We didn't want to go that far, so we decided to try out Son of Thurman in Delaware.
Look at how big these burgers are!!!!

The portions are huge!!
The food was good, but we couldn't eat half of what we were served so the rest came home with us.

On Sunday...

In all my years of going to the Cleveland Browns games I have never bought any apparel, souvenirs, etc. while there.
Well, there is a first time for everything!
I have wanted a similar shirt since Baker Mayfield said those words, so it worked out perfect when a guy was selling them in the parking lot while we were tailgating the week before.
I personally feel that wearing this shirt is why Baker was able to get the TD record for a rookie QB on Sunday 😉😜

In blog news...I shared a recap of our Four Christmases

as well as all the 2018 fun we had!

On Monday we rang in 2019 with some of our very good friends!

I didn't take a lot of pictures because I just wanted to be in the moment, but Kelli's house was decorated perfectly (it always is though 😉).

She had balloons set on the wall with a new activity for the kiddos to do each hour :)

Of course my only child did the first activity but then quickly opted out of the rest :/

He loves playing with his friends, but he also likes his moments to himself.
I took advantage of that and made him take a picture with me :)

While the kiddos played downstairs, the adults played a couple of games too!

Unfortunately, there were 5 couples so one of us had to sit out playing Twister 😜
We gladly let the other four couples complete against each other!

And it wouldn't be a party if we didn't take pictures of all of us together right?!?!

Look at how cute these little glasses of sparkling grape juice with gummies were for the kids?

Wondering why the one closet to me in the picture is clear?
That's because my child doesn't drink anything but water or milk.

Our Hostess with the mostess gave us these amazing bags as party favors!

Nobody does it quite like Kelli does it! 😘😘

And on New Year's Day I rocked my new sweatshirt from Target!

And this might just be my motto for 2019!

What did you do for NYE?
Did you go out or stay in?
Do you have a motto for this year?

Don't forget to link up with me and the rest of the ladies at The Blended Blog this coming Monday!

Here are all the questions for 1/7 :)

And on Wednesdays it is all about style!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

Linking up with The Blended Blog, Andrea, Narci & Erika!

XOXO ~ Vanessa


  1. Oh what a fun NYE and I love the gift bag she sent home with you. Also, I love that shirt and that would be a great motto for 2019! Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you! She sure is an amazing host!

  2. So much fun! Those burgers look great and so do you! Love me some Firehouse, love all the 80’s bands. Happy New Year doll!

    1. I have a feeling we would be listening to a lot of good music while we cookout together 😊

  3. Those party favor bags are so great! Love your cute Target sweatshirt! It's the perfect motto for 2019!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Oh my gahhh yes to Firehouse! And yes to that NYE bash!

  5. WOW! That sounds like an amazing NYE party. Your friends know how to party right!

  6. I use to love Firehouse. Didn't you say there was another band with them? I'm was really into the 80's hair bands. I love that sweatshirt from Target. I might see if I can find it.

    1. It was so good! Yes, Winger was there too! I just saw the sweatshirt online finally. Let me know if you need the link 😊


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