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Workin' It Wednesday | Vacation

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Planning a summer vacation most of the time is pretty simple for Mic and I.
We are typically creatures of habit, so we tend to go to the same places year after year.
We both grew up going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and have gone quite a few times together.

But we do change it up a bit from time to time :)
We threw a trip to Savannah, Georgia in there for our honeymoon.

We went to Las Vegas one year for a week.
(Yes, I said a week! And it was wonderful!)

We stayed in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area one year....before we moved to the woods ;)

We went to Destin, Florida last year.
And we just returned from our trip to Disney World!
Planning most of those trips have been pretty easy for us.
Most years we have taken our big vacation in September or October so we begin planning around March or April.
The biggest thing for us is picking out the condo/beach house we will be staying in for the week :)
We love Dunes Realty if you are looking to visit the Murrells Inlet area (just south of Myrtle Beach).
Once we have our place booked, we start looking at places to eat!
Life in the financial world is pretty stressful most days, and living in the woods has me craving a super low key beach vacation most of the time.

This year was slightly different.
This was THE YEAR we decided to go to Disney World!
38 years I waited for this trip!
We didn't make our decision to do this until February.
And because we have been extra busy this year with work, and have no idea what we were doing when it came to Disney...we brought in the big guns.
I contacted Shay & Erika and they worked their magic for us :)
Mic and I are both Type A personalities, so letting go of the planning was a bit hard to do but so needed!
Erika was so great to talk through our options and got everything moving quickly since we had planned to go in May.


About 2 months before we leave for our vacation I do an inventory of what we have and what we will need for clothing and shoes.
I place orders online or pick those things up in the store.

A couple weeks before we leave I always make a list of the items we need to pack.
For all the clothing I list how many of each item we are bringing.
I don't typically forget or lose something, but boys always seem to be missing socks! UGH!
So if I know how many I packed, I know how many I should have to bring back home :)
Usually the night before I am rushing around getting everything packed for me and X,
get very little sleep and then we hit the road.
#lifeofamom #amirightoramiright

So I know I just returned from vacation, but that doesn't mean I don't have future trips to plan....
so give me all your tips :)

Where are you planning on going this year?

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