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Today is all about the best and worst trips we have been on.

I have mentioned before on here, but I will say it again.
Mic and especially me are creatures of habit when it comes to going on weekend getaways or vacations.
I like to think of it more as we know what we like :)
I also love going places in general, where Mic is more of a homebody (if he is able to be) so there really isn't a trip or vacation I could say that was horrible for me.
But for the sake of this post I have a few ideas up my sleeve ;)

Let's begin with the BEST!

Let me be honest for a moment...Disney World of course is on the best list.
But I am not going to lie, there were some stressful times throughout our trip.
At one point I even said to Mic..everyone calls this the happiest place on earth, but all you see are stressed out parents trying to get from ride to ride, or reservations, or crying kids, etc.
I loved being there for the first time, and would love to go back but I definitely have a different perspective about it.
Plus, Mic and I realized he is not meant to walk around "amusement parks" all day, nor does he enjoy being around large crowds of people.
Next trip to Disney I need some new travel buddies! lol!
You can read about our Disney trip - Days 1-4 here and I am hope to get the rest posted later this week.

Mic and I visited one of our friends when he lived in New York City twice.
Once in December and again a year or so later in the Spring.
Both were truly amazing trips for me!
I am all about the crowds of people, the chaotic traffic, the lights, the excitement, etc.
We saw the Rockefeller Center tree lit up for Christmas, and we strolled through Central Park in the Spring.

If I could pick anywhere in the US to move right now it would have to be Savannah, Georgia.
(I blogged a little bit more about it here.)
We spent our honeymoon there, and have gone back a couple times since then.
We loved it!
The food, the people, the environment.
It is just so welcoming!

I absolutely adore Cincinnati, Ohio!
It is a close 2nd to Cleveland in my book of best cities in Ohio :)
It is just a few hours drive for us and it never disappoints!
We have been there multiple times, but twice now we have spent Mother's Day weekend there (2016 and 2013).

Honorable Mention
Mic and I spent a weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana about 8 years ago and fell in love with it!
We went during the playoffs for NFL.
There was a huge crowd in the lobby/restaurant area of our hotel watching the Colts play on a giant TV.
Perfect evening in my eyes ;)
We sat with some local football players and watched and cheered on the Colts to victory!
It was just so fun!

I grew up going to Frankenmuth, Michigan and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my family.
We typically went to Bronner's Christmas store in the winter months (you must go there sometime!) and then headed south to Myrtle Beach for some fun in the sun during the summer.
Both are great places to visit and hold so many memories.

Check out all of my vacation/weekend getaways recaps here :)

Worst Moments

Like I said above, I can't say I have ever been on a horrible trip but I can't come up with some moments that weren't too great.
We spent our family vacation last year in Destin, Florida (part 1 and part 2).
The resort area we stayed in was gorgeous, the pool was my favorite to date, and the colors of the gulf were more amazing than I thought possible!
But the food choices weren't too good, it rained almost every day we were there (all day), and things were way more expensive than I thought they should be.
I would definitely go back to our resort and that beautiful greenish blue water, but I would need to do a lot more research on places to eat and things to do if it rains!

We went to a wedding in Lawrence, Kansas (home of the Kansas Jayhawks) about 7 years ago.
We actually spent a few extra days there to explore the area and were really looking for some good BBQ since we were on the outskirts of Kansas City.
Nothing! Actually we found more Mexican restaurants than anything else (Mic and I aren't big fans).
If it wasn't a Mexican restaurant it was a custard shop...so that worked out ;)
I know it is a college town, but it just didn't impress me.
We even took a drive into the heart of Kansas City but it just didn't do anything for me.

So now I need your help!
Have you been to Destin or Kansas City?
If so, please give me your recs/suggestions/ideas on what to check out, where to eat, etc.
I would love to go back to each of them and give them another shot :)

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