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Show & Tell | Memory Lane

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Today I am talking about all my favorite things when I was a kid!

Looking back I know there were moments that weren't fun, sad, etc.,
but for the most part I absolutely loved my childhood!
And this is coming from a person who has divorced parents.
For some reason I feel like people assume you couldn't have had a good childhood or good upbringing if you come from divorced parents.
I think that is completely untrue!
My parents were and still are amazing!
I was about 12 years old when they separated.
Yes, they lived in different houses but everything else remained the same for my brother and I.
Hence, why my childhood rocked :)

Now that I got that out of the way, here are some of my favorite things from the 80's and 90's.

- TV Shows -
I could easily list a million shows (kind of did), but you didn't have computers, cell phones, social media, etc. when I was a kid.
We played a lot, but we also watched TV :)

I loved Saved by the Bell!
I wanted to be Kelly Kapowski! lol!
Beverly Hills 90210 - The original -- I never missed one episode in 10 years!
Knots Landing

We didn't always get the movie channels or the Disney channel, but when we did I loved watching Kids Incorporated and The Mickey Mouse Club :)
Miami Vice
Growing Pains
Who's the Boss
Fraggle Rock

When I was really little I loved watching the reruns of older shows.
Happy Days was one of my all time favorites!
Depending on who you ask, my little brother was named Richie (Richard) after Richie Cunningham because of me.
He is just lucky I didn't say Fonzie! lol!

Saturday Night Live used to be so good in the 80's and 90's!
One of my favorite skits was when the Conehead family would be on there!
Bosom Buddies
The Munsters
The Addams Family

If I had to pick a favorite show from my childhood, The Brady Bunch might just be it!
I know they were reruns, but I never wanted to miss them when they were on!
Remember, no DVR's or rewinding live TV in the early 80's!
I have even watched all the movies! lol!

- Toys -
Barbie dolls
I use to love to play my keyboard!
Yesterday was one of my favorites songs to play...and sing :)

My art set - Up until my senior year of high school I wanted to go to college for fashion design.
Hot Wheels
Fisher Price dolls and houses were everything to me when I was little!
I had a whole room full of them.
Set perfectly in place :)

- Movies -
Please tell me I wasn't the only one obsessed with the movie Teen Witch?!
I would watch it over and over again!
Can't buy me love
Sixteen Candles
Dirty Dancing
The Hunt for Red October

Adventures in Babysitting
I remember my little brother and I watching Cool Runnings and then pretending to be on the bobsled team in our living room! lol!

- Activities -
In the summer I did two things...played softball and went swimming.
Usually softball games were followed by a team swim party/cookout at my house after :)
Which then turned into a team sleepover.
It was the best!
Making dance routines up to our favorite songs
Riding bikes
Playing touch football with my dad and brother
Playing kickball with the "big" kids on my grandma's street in the summer

Taking weekend trips to Columbus or Frankenmuth, Michigan
We would usually go in the winter and stay in a hotel with an indoor pool to go swimming.

And pretty much anything that my partner in crime and I could dream up :)

- Food -
Do any of you remember the Micro Magic milkshakes and fries?
They were my favorite after school snack...mostly because I could make them myself :)
They had all English on the boxes back then.

Another thing I could make by myself was Kraft Macaroni & cheese.
I swear my brother and I would live on that stuff if we could!

Did anyone eat Veal patties when they were a kid?
I remember my parents buying that package of 4 orange patties and loving them!

What were some of your favorite TV shows, movies, toys, foods when you were a kid?
Did you grow up in the 70's, 80's, 90's or dare I say 2000's?

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