Monday, May 22, 2017

Say yes to....

I have been using the Soothe & Redefine regimens from Rodan & Fields for a little over a year now.
I was running low on a couple of products and cut it too close to leaving for vacation to get an order delivered in time :(
So I did what in my mind most people out to the store and find a suitable replacement ASAP!
I heard good things about the yes to products before, so I thought I would pick up the yes to cucumbers daily calming Moisturizer and give it a try.
It goes on super lightweight and smells great!
I literally wore this and my R&F soothe sunscreen every single day at Disney.
Actually, that is all I wore on my face the entire time we were there.
I have been using it every day under my makeup for the last few weeks and it really does keep the redness at bay for me.
I picked mine up at Target for $10.99 for a 1.7 fl oz. bottle.

Since I liked it so much I decided to pick up a few more of the yes to products to try out before placing my R&F order.
I actually ordered all of the following products from Target online and they arrived within 3 days.
And I saved 5% with my red card and got free shipping.
Great deal!
I typically like creamy cleansers over gel, but I was running low on my Soothe cleanser so I gave yes to cucumbers daily gel Cleanser a try.
At the time of this post I have only used it a couple times, but it is really light and leaves my skin feeling clean without feeling dry.
This was $9.19 (online) for 3.38 fl oz.
But I do see there is a Gentle Milk cleanser available that I might try out next time.

Giving the yes to cucumbers calming Night Cream a try as well :)
I typically use the Redefine line in the evening, but I do use the Soothe line some nights when I have been in the sun for awhile.
This is $9.29 for 1.7 fl oz.

The main reason I started using R&F products was because my skin is really sensitive.
That is why I love the Soothe line.
But for the purpose of trying new things, I picked up yes to miracle oil primRose oil.
I have used this every morning and evening since I received it and I LOVE IT!
It really does calm my skin.
The redness almost immediately fades.
I put this underneath my calming moisturizer and makeup each morning.
This was $12.99 for 1 fl oz. - I anticipate this one will last for quite a while since you only need a drop or two :)

I haven't tried this one yet, so we shall see.
My absolute favorite R&F product is the eye cream, so this has big shoes to fill in my book.
It was $8.89 for .5 fl oz.

Since I typically work on getting rid of those pesky lines and such at night, I picked up the yes to blueberries deep wrinkle Night Cream to test out as well.
Again, I haven't tried this one yet since I still have my R&F Redefine products so I will get back to you all on my thoughts once I start using it regularly.
It was $7.29 for 1.7 fl oz.

I have used the R&F Reverse line as well, but didn't really need it.
However, from time to time I do feel like my skin looks dull or uneven so I thought I would pick up the yes to grapefruit even skin tone Moisturizer.
Again, I haven't tried this one yet but I can see myself trading off between this and the calming moisturizer every few days.
This is $8.99 for 1.4 fl oz.

And I am eyeing a few others to test out as well...

Do you use any of the yes to product lines?
Have you tried them in the past?

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