Friday, May 26, 2017

Work & Make $$ #goals

Linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika for....
What a week it has been!
Full of favorites!

Every night of the week and Saturday mornings have been filled with soccer or t-ball for us.
X finishes up his soccer season tonight (fingers crossed it doesn't storm).
He has had a blast playing this Spring!
He absolutely rocked it on Monday night and scored 2 goals and kicked butt at goalie!
It was so fun to watch and made us so proud!
He has really grown this season and as much as it pains me to say, I look forward to watching him again in the Fall.

Look what came in the mail on Saturday!!!
If you know me at all, I am not an earring person.
The weight, the poking, etc. just isn't for me.
But I decided to order the signature gold pair from Nickel & Suede to give them a try.
My new favorites for sure!
They are seriously so lightweight that I forgot I had them in :)

After afternoon naps for X and I on Saturday we headed to Kroger and made a stop at my favorite coffee spot for the new Midnight Mint Mocha Frap.
Free Starbucks is always a favorite so I went with the venti!
It was good, but I think I will stick with my S'mores frap for the summer :)

While X and I were picking up our groceries I spotted this...
Our favorite BBQ sauce is now in MY Kroger!!!!
I could hear the angels singing when I spotted it.
I picked up a few bottles and pray that is stays stocked from now on.

On Sunday X and I pretended to be his favorite thing...Ninjas!

It is hard to get a good picture when he is moving all around, but we had so much fun!

When I was running errands I discovered that channel 13 on Sirius radio was Prom radio for a limited time!
OMG!!!! I heard so many of my favorites, and boy did they take me right back to high school!
Unfortunately, the channel has already changed to Carolina Shag for now....but that is great too!

I couldn't wait to rock those new earrings I mentioned above,
so I threw them on with one of my favorite dresses for work and headed out the door.
Again, I didn't feel them at all throughout the day!
And for size reference I ordered the small.

Tuesday night we had t-ball!
My favorite number is at bat :)
Thankfully my dad was there to take a few pics for me since I am coaching and Mic was helping out as well.

X received a bug catching kit at school that day and he couldn't wait to try it out!
He now says it is one of his favorite things to do, and is planning on catching lots of bugs this summer.
Boo! :(

One of my favorite shows had its season finale on Tuesday night.
I loved Lauren and Chris so I was fine with either one of them winning :)
This was an amazing performance!

But I think Lauren's original song was my favorite of the night :)
Did you watch the Voice?
Who were your favorites?

Wednesday night my favorite player was back in his uniform for baseball pictures.
And then he played at the park next door for a little bit before we headed back home.

I found some more hilarious Instagram favorites this week...
Now this one is not a favorite, but more of a "Seriously?"
I saw this post and I swear there was a #goals on it!
I know Cher doesn't look bad for 71, but that outfit has got to go!!!!

This is so me!

And I loved this one too!

Thursday was my little guy's last day of preschool!
We are so proud of him and all that he has learned this year.
We are all beyond pumped for Kindergarten to begin in the Fall :)

I can't wait to continue to watch all these littles grow and learn together over the years!
I truly hope they continue to be friends :)

So now what?
I am skipping work today and celebrating the first day of summer with my favorite guy!

Then we have soccer, t-ball, a birthday party, and more this weekend!
I hope you all have a fantastic and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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