Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall Fun, Football & More!

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 Hello Friday!
After having some major technical difficulties last week, I am back for Friday Favorites! :)
So a few weeks ago I did the big update on my iPhone 5.
I heard good and bad things, but I decided to take the chance.
Oh, boy do I regret it!
But good new phone arrived and I love it!
The Android operating system has always been my favorite, and I am so glad to be back to it!
Meet my new best friend...the Google Pixel!

 Last Friday morning had us super excited for the weekend.
This guy was also excited because it was farm/country day at school.
#wedidourbest #wedontownfarmclothing

I had the day off for a doctor appointment, so after dropping X off at school I headed to Columbus.
I was done with my appointment just in time to grab lunch at my favorite fast food joint!
Chick-fil-A PLEASE come to Mansfield!!!

I then stopped in the Verizon store and had excellent service!
I had all my pics and contacts transferred to the new phone in no time!

Since I had time to spare, I headed to the new outlet stores!
They were on my way home after all ;)
It was there that I think I found my new favorite store!
Kirkland's was like walking into heaven!

I walked the entire place, but only stopped in my favorites that day.
I did pick up this super cute olive sweater at the Loft outlet store.

And I think this reindeer sweater might be my new favorite!
I can't wait to wear it!
(Sorry I can't find either of these online)

I picked up this super cute plaid shirt from JCrew Factory too!
Plaid is my favorite pattern :)

After picking up X from school we had a couple of errands to run.
Of course we had to stop in the toy section.
My favorite Stars Wars guy!

Saturday was really nice, but SUPER COLD!!!!
We had plans with friends to go to a place called The Barnyard, but it was way too cold for that!
So we pulled out my camera (that I can't totally figure out) to take some quick family pics.
This by far was my favorite!!!

We enjoyed a fun evening with friends on Saturday night,
and then relaxed for most of the day on Sunday.

Monday evening we met up with my dad and step mom so I could get this Indians sign for our yard.
I can't believe they are in the World Series!! EEK!
Baseball is definitely one of my favorite sports, and they Cleveland Indians are by far my favorite team!

Do many of you order from Zappos?
We ordered some new winter boots for X, but they were a bit too small.
I called customer service about exchanging them and had a wonderful experience and great conversation with Jamie.
Well, apparently she enjoyed our convo too and sent me this super soft blanket for X with a wonderful little message to me!
How sweet!!!
They might have moved up to my favorite online shopping stop now!

Tuesday night X had his wrist bands on and was ready to cheer on our favorite team!
Oh my goodness!
That was a great game!
Wednesday was a little rough to watch though :(
Fingers crossed and lots of prayers being said that the Indians turn it around tonight and this weekend in Chicago.

Do you remember getting these pails from McDonald's as a kid?
They were my favorite "toy" to get!
I swung through and ordered a happy meal the other day just to get one.
For X of course ;)

I picked X up from school the other day and he was so excited that he made it up to the pink that day.
Of course I didn't have my phone on me to take a pic of it :(
So I made sure to grab my phone the next day and snap a pic of him being on purple :)
Moving up the behavior chart is always a favorite of his...and mine!

Speaking of school, we recieved X's school pictures back today.

Oh my goodness!
Love that adorable guy!
School pictures are always a favorite!

It was the perfect night for Trick-or-treat last night!
Halloween is always a favorite of mine because I used to love to dress up in fun costumes.
(I was either a bat, Jem, or a punk rocker for most of the years! lol!)
And I love getting to see the kiddos dress up now.

My little blue ninja joined some of his best buds for trick-or-treat again this year.
We just love them all!
We filled up on pizza, apple donuts and cider :)

Tonight I am hosting one of my favorite events - My Annual Scarf Exchange!
I can't wait!
And then tomorrow Mic and I are headed to Columbus for my very first college football game!
Looks like it is going to be a great weekend!
Happy Friday Friends!


  1. I'm looking for a new phone..will definitely check this one out!

  2. Love Kirklands - they always have such cute stuff! And that shirt from Loft and JCrew Factory.. so cute!!

  3. Hope you had a good time at your football game. Sorry about the Indians. Both teams played well. I love seeing the kids dressed up in costumes. I really like that Loft olive sweater.